Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-05-27 number 58


Published by Authority

Vol. XCX, No. 58 27th MAY, 2022 Price RTGS$624

General Notice 1148 of 2022.


Invitation to Tenders

TENDERS are invited from Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe registered suppliers in the correct category for the different
lots and batches. Tenders must be in sealed envelope and endorsed on the outside with the advertised tender number, clearly indicating the
lot and batch tendered, the description, the closing date and delivered by hand to the Provincial Public Works Office Harare: Procurement
Management Unit, Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, No. 53, Market Street, Eastlea, Harare, at 1000 hours on or before
the closing date.

Tender No. Town/Place Description of goods Compulsory site visit
PHQ.13/2022 Harare Metropolitan Planned maintenance projects
Lot 1: Zimre Centre — Painting material
PHQ.14/2022 Lot 2: Central Vehicle Registration — Batch A: Painting mat
Batch B: Building, carpentry and electrical mat
Batch C: Plumbing material
PHQ.15/2022 Lot 3: Century House Batch A: Building materials Lot 3: 6//06/22
Batch B: Electrical materials Batch D-10am
Batch C: Plumbing materials
Batch D: Supply and fix of steel cabinets
PHQ.16/2022 Lot 4: John Boyne Building Batch A: Modula tank Lot 4: 1/06/22
Batch B: Pumps Batch A-12pm
Batch C: Aluminium partitions and glazing. Batch B-12pm
Batch D: Waterproofing Batch C-9am
Batch E: Air-conditioning units. Batch D-1lam
Batch E-2pm
PHQ.17/2022 Lot 5: Robert Mugabe Airport: Construction materials.
PHQ.18/2022 Lot 6: Old Morgen Building Lot 6: 2/06/22
Batch A: Demolitions and partitioning works. Batch A-9am
Batch B: Borehole drilling. Batch B-12pm
Batch C: Roof repairs. Batch C-llam
Batch D: Durawall works. Batch D-10am

PHQ.19/2022 Lot 7: Public Works Harare Province Batch A: Road works. Lot 7: 3/06/22
Batch B: Roofing repairs. Batch A-9am
Batch C: Partitioning works. Batch B-llam
Batch C-12pm
PHQ.20/2022 Lot 8: Ambassador House: Waterproofing.
Lot 8: 6//06/22 10am
PHQ.21/2022 Lot 9: Makombe HQ Batch A: Pumps.
Lot 9: 31/5/22
Batch B: Installation of floor springs and locking system.
Batch C: Ceilings, Curtains and coffee table. Batch A-12pm
Batch B-2pm
Batch D: Biometric Access Control] System.
Batch C-llam
PHQ.22/2022 Lot 10: Cecil House — Construction materials. Batch D-9am

Closing date: 10th June, 2022, at 1000 hours
Bidding documents to be collected from the Procurement Management Unit: Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, Harare
Metropolitan Province, situated at 53, Market Street, Mukwati Building, Eastlea, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable deposit fee
of RTGS3 000.00, at Sixteenth Floor, Room No. 1, Harare.
Please note that they are 10 bidding documents for tender numbers PHQ.13/22 to PHQ.22/22 and each is obtained at RTGS3 000.00.
Late submissions will not be accepted.