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General Notice 1147B of 2022. 4. Interms of section 161(7) of the Constitution,
at the conclusion
of the boundary delimitation, the Commission shall produce and
ELECTORAL ACT [CHAPTER 2:13] submit to the President a preliminary report which shall contain—
(a) a list of the wards and constituencies, with the
Delimitation of Constituencies, Wards and Other Electoral
Boundaries names assigned to each and a description of their
WHEREAS, it is provided in terms of section 161(1) of the (b) | amapormaps showing the wards and constituencies;
Constitution that, once every ten years, on a date or within a period and
fixed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission so as to fall soon as (c) any further information or particulars which the
possible after a population census, the Zimbabwe Electoral Com- Commission considers necessary.
mission must conduct a delimitation of electoral boundaries into
5. For the purpose of the boundary delimitation, the voters
which Zimbabwe is to be divided;
roll shall be deemed to be closed on the 30th of May, 2022, voter
AND WHEREAS itis provided in terms of section 37A(1) of registration shall, however, remain open for purposes of any by-
the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] that before fixing and reviewing elections that may become necessary and the 2023 general elections.
the boundaries of the constituencies and other electoral divisions, 6. A voters roll inspection exercise shall be conducted on dates
the Commission shall cause a notice of its intention to do so to be to be notified and thereafter the Commission shall issue a notice
published in the Gazette and in such other manner as the Commission specifying the national and provincial voter population figures to
thinks appropriate; be used for purposes of the boundary delimitation exercise.
AND WHEREAS the population census commenced on the 7. The Commission shall, so far as is practicable, entertain
21st of April, 2022 and the collection of data was completed on the representations from voters, political parties and other interested
5th of May, 2022; persons and bodies at national, provincial and district level through
the various committees that have been established at each level.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Commission in terms of section 161(1)
of the Constitution as read with section 37A(1) of the Electoral Act 8. The Commission shall establish a toll free line to hear and
|Chapter:13|,aforementioned hereby makes the following notice: — receive representation from members of the public.
1. This notice may be cited as the Delimitation of Constituencies, P.M. CHIGUMBA,
wards and other electoral boundaries Notice, 2022.
24-5-2022. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.
2. The public is hereby notified of the Commission’s intention
to commence the delimitation of boundaries and other electoral
3. Notwithstanding the date of publication of this Notice, the
process of boundary delimitation shall commence from the Ist of General Notice
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June, 2022, and continue into the culmination of the drafting of a
1147B. Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13]: Delimitation of Constituencies, Wards
preliminary report or until the 31st of December, 2022, whichever
and Other Electoral Boundaries . 2. 2. 1. 1. 1 2. 1. O39
occurs first.

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