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General Notice 1147A of 2022. ¢ Areas of financing/sponsorship mobilisation, sponsored areas
and suggested partnerships:
MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ¢ Demonstrate the ability to deliver the event through previous
(MoFED) event management experience and expertise (Event proposal
not exceeding ten pages in word format and PowerPoint for
Call for Expression of Interest for Events Manager: International
presentation); and
Convention on Zimbabwe’s Economic Growth Strategy: Current
Experiences and Way Forward: Reference Number MOFED/ ¢ Excellent communication skills, good team working skills, and
EOI/02/2022 an engaging and participatory manner essential.
The eligibility criteria, the drawing up of the short-list and the
THE Ministry of Finance and Economic Development intends to selection procedure shall be in accordance with Zimbabwe’s Public
appoint an Events Manager to coordinate the preparation process and Procurement and Disposal of Assets Act [Chapter 22:23].
hosting of the International Convention on Zimbabwe’s Economic
Interested Event Managers are required to provide a detailed
Development Strategy: Experiences and Way Forward to be held Capability Statement which specifically addresses each of the
from 10th to 12th August, 2022, Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls.
The specific objectives of the Economic Conference are to: * Company references and management;
* Promote Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM), and ¢ A clear understanding of the scope and nature of the tasks
knowledge management as an important driver of policy required for the assignment, supported by preliminary solution
dialogue, good policy planning and implementation; maps; and
¢ Discuss and deliberate holistically, issues related to Zimbabwe’s ¢ Traceable references and performance record of the firm. At
innovative, transformative and successful development least five years of experience in the provision of relevant field.
experiences and way forward; Relevant qualifications and experience of the proposed team
¢ Foster dialogue that promotes the exchange of ideas and innovative or consortium members.
thinking among researchers, development practitioners, Interested firms can obtain the detailed information from the
policymakers and private sector operators on Zimbabwe’s address below during office hours. Three (3) sealed copies of the
inclusive and sustainable economic development; and Expression of Interest (EOT) in the English language, clearly marked
¢ Encourage and enhance research on economic and policy issues with the advertised EOI reference number must be delivered to the
related to the development of the country as well as its regional address and or via e-mails indicated below by 27th May, 2022, no
counterparts by promoting evidence-based policymaking. later than 1000 hours CAT. Late EOI will be rejected.

Scope of the Events Management Services: The Ministry of Finance and Economic Developmentis not bound
to accept liability for any direct and indirect costs arising out of or
¢ The Scope of Work of the Events Manager will broadly include in connection with the preparation and submission of an EOI.
coordinating, guiding and advising the preparatory process for
the event. Documents must be submitted to the attention of:
¢ The work will be broken down into a number of tasks. The Events The Procurement Management Unit,
Manager would be expected to come up with an appropriate work Ministry of Finance and Economic Development,
programme ,methodology and tasks scheduling for the assignment. Third Floor Reception, B Block,
Mgandane Dlodlo Building,
The short-listing criteria is as follows: cnr Samora Machel Avenue/Simon Vengai Muzenda Street,
¢ The firm should have at least five years’ demonstrable relevant Harare.
experience of managing and implementing an event of a similar Telephone +263 8688 003453 Extension 2250
nature and magnitude. Preference will be given to a firm with
sufficient experience in managing events for international Or via e-mail on: mofedconsultancy14@gmail.com copy to:
organisations with links to local, regional, and international infopmu.mofed@ gmail.com
researchers and experts;
¢ Submitting an outline proposal to host the event including
timelines foreach phase of the projectand a detailed description
of activities: General Notice
Number Page
¢ Work experience and qualifications ofkey personnel/senior staff
to conduct the proposed project; and the proposed management 1147A. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED): Call for
and team structure; Expression of Interest for Events Manager: International Convention
on Zimbabwe’s Economic Growth Strategy: Current Experiences and
¢ Areas of specialty (Proven areas of expertise and where applied
Way Forward: Reference Number MoFED/FOI/02/2022 . . . 1137
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