Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2022-03-18 number 27


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Vol. XCX, No. 27 18th MARCH, 2022 Price RTGS$240,00

General Notice 496 of 2022. General Notice 497 of 2022.


Invitation to National Competitive Bidding Invitation to Competitive Domestic Tenders

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) invites prospective NORTON Town Council is inviting interested, qualified, reputable
reputable suppliers registered with the Procurement Regulatory and PRAZ registered companies 1n accordance with the PPDPA Act
Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) to participate in the following [Chapter 22:23] to bid for the requirements below:
tenders: Tender number
Tender number NTC/AMBULANCE/COMBI/03/22:
ZIMRA NCB. 14/2022. Supply, delivery and configuration of a Lot 1. Supply and deliver of a brand-new combi x 1.
Beyond Trust Privileged Management Maintenance. Closing
Lot 2. Supply and deliver of a brand-new ambulance x 1.
date and time: Tuesday, 19th April, 2022, at 1000 hours.
Closing date and time: 30th March, 2022, at 1000 hours
ZIMRA NCB. 15/2022. Supply, delivery and installation of Biometric
Access Controls. Closing date and time: Tuesday, 19th April,
2022, at 1000 hours. NSCM/02/22. Nharira School building materials. Quantity: Various.
ZIMRA NCB. 16/2022. Supply, delivery and installation of an FM200 Closing date and time: 31st March, 2022, at 1000 hours GMT.
Fire Suppression System. Closing date and time: Tuesday, Requirements
19th April, 2022, at 1000 hours.
Tender documents which contain theeligibility, requirements,
ZIMRA NCB. 17/2022. Supply, delivery and installation of an Email instructions and the technical specifications for the above
Security. Closing date and time: Tuesday, 19th April, 2022, tender will be issued to the interested bidders upon payment
at 1000 hours. of non-refundable tender purchase fee of ZWL$2 000,00, per
Acomplete set of bidding documents must be down loaded tender document, and must be collected between 0800 hours
from the ZIMRA website: www.zimra,co.zw and any further and 1600 hours, Monday to Friday at the below mentioned
communications about these tenders including addenda. Due
to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be entertaining walk The Town Secretary’s PA Office,
Norton Town Council,
in clients for acquiring bidding documents.
Central Administration Offices,
Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information 208, Galloway Road,
from ZIMRA Procurement Management Unit via e-mail: Norton.
procurement@ zimra.co.zw Phone: +263242152226-8
The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and in the General Email: nortonprocurement@gmail.com
Conditions of Contract contained in the bidding documents Methods of payments for tender documents
comply with the Zimbabwe Public Procurement and Disposal
Account Name: NTC General
of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23], standard bidding
Bank: Agri Bank 141000022217
document for the procurement of goods. The Procurement
Ecocash biller code: *151*2*1*72594* Amount
method applicable for the bidding process shall be Domestic
Competitive Bidding. Submission of tenders
Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and endorsed on Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed
the outside with the advertised tender number, description on the outside clearly indicating:
and closing date. Bids must be delivered and deposited in
¢ Name and contact of bidder
a tender box situated at ZB Centre, Sixth Floor Reception,
corner Kwame Nkrumah Avenue/First Street Mall, Harare, ¢ The advertised reference procurement number
addressed to: ¢ Tender description
The Director Procurement Management Unit, ¢ The closing date and time
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority,
Tenders must be posted to be sorted out into PO. Box 904,
First Floor, ZB Centre, corner First Street Mall/Kwame
Nkrumah Avenue, Norton, or deposited/hand delivered into the “TENDER
Harare, Zimbabwe. BOX”, at Norton Town Council, Central Administration
Offices, 208, Galloway Road, on or before 1000 hours on
Please note that no payment 1s required to obtain the bidding
document (s). the closing date.