Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-09-21 number 113

Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary, 7th April, 2004 499


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Vol. XCIX, No. 113 21st SEPTEMBER, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00

General Notice 2703A of 2021. In a bid to maintain social distancing considering the COVID-
19 pandemic, please note that we will not be entertaining
GRAIN MARKETING BOARD (GMB) walk-in customers for the purpose of acquiring bidding
________ documents.
Invitation to Competitive Bidding Any queries regarding the advertised tenders you can call
on +263 242 790 950 / 08677 004 941; or send email to
THE Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is inviting reputable and the following: shangaiq@gmbdura.co.zw/alumendas@
eligible bidders for the following: gmbdura.co.zw/mutamiswai@gmbdura.co.zw
Tender number Please note that NO payment is required for the ITT(s)
GMB/INT/10/09/21. Supply and delivery of PVC tarpaulins. Closing documents.
date: 29th September, 2021, at 1000 hours. GMB reserves the right to award the tender or part thereof
Details of the tender shall be contained in the Invitation to any bidder after evaluation.
to Tender (ITT) document. The Invitation to Tender (ITT)
document shall be downloaded from GMB website www.

Tenders must be in sealed envelopes and endorsed on the
outside with the advertised tender number, description
and closing date and posted in time or hand delivered to
General Notice
the Procurement Manager, Grain Marketing Board, Dura
Building, 179–187, Samora Machel Avenue, Eastlea, Harare, Number Page
Zimbabwe. 2703A. Grain Marketing Board (GMB): Invitation to Competitive Bidding 1365

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