Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-09-03 number 105


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Vol. XCIX, No. 105 3rd SEPTEMBER, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00

General Notice 2589 of 2021. tender document is downloaded from our website, www.zimparks.
org Bids in sealed envelopes and clearly marked the tender number
MINISTRY OF LANDS, AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES, should be addressed to the Procurement Management Unit, Parks
WATER AND RURAL RESETTLEMENT and Wildlife Management Authority, PO. Box CY 140, Causeway,
or can be delivered to the Procurement Committee, Parks and
Tender Notices Wildlife Management Authority, corner Liberation Legacy Way
and Sandringham Drive, Harare, not later than 1000 hours on the
Competitive Bids Requested closing date shown below:
Tender number Tender number
MLAFWRR/HQ/CB/42/21. Supply and delivery of goats for the PWMaA. 14.2021. International. Supply and delivery of boats. Closing
Presidential Input Scheme 2021/2022 Season. Closing date: date: 21st September, 2021.
17th September, 2021. PWMA.15.2021. Domestic. Supply and delivery of promotional
MLAFWRR/VET/CB/43/21. Supply and delivery of a Broad materials. Closing date: 5th October, 2021.
Spectrum Deworming remedy—closantel -7.5% (Oral) for
The closing date for submission of bids are shown above and
Presidential Blitz Cattle Deworming Programme. Closing
date: 17th September, 2021. closing time is at 1000 hours. One member from each bidder
is free to witness the opening of the tender on the closing
Interested bidders can obtain bid documents that consists the date and time at: Parks and Wildlife Management Authority,
instructions and procurement requirements from the reception Head Office Lecture Theatre, corner Liberation Legacy Way
Accounts Section at the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture,
and Sandringham Drive, Harare.
Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement, Ngungunyana
Building, 1, Liberation Legacy Way, Harare, upon payment NB: Bidders must make sure that their bids are recorded in
of a non-refundable fee of RTGS1 000,00, account name the tender register on the day and time of submission.
Ministry of Agriculture 2000005528.
Your submission should reach the Ministry of Lands,
Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement not
later than the closing time and date. Late submissions either
by post or hand delivery will not be accepted. CONTENTS
Tender Cancellation
General Notices
Tender number
Number Page
MLAFWRR/HQ/CB/42/21. Supply and delivery of Presidential
Silage and Pasture Inputs for Enhanced Milk Production. 2589. Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural
Closing date: 3rd September, 2021. Resettlement: Tender Notices . . 2 2 1... eee 1291

2590. Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Management “Aethonity (PWMA):
General Notice 2590 of 2021. Invitation to Competitive Bidding . . . . . . some 1291

ZIMBABWE PARKS AND WILD LIFE MANAGEMENT Statutory Instruments Issued as Supplements to this Gazette Extraordinary
227. Finance (Amendment of Setion 22H of Finance Act) Regulations, 2021.
Invitation to Competitive Bidding 228. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Proclamation 5 of 2021.

PARKS and Wildlife Management Authority invites tenders
from suitable, registered and reputable suppliers. The invitation to

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