Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-09-03 number 104


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Vol. XCIX, No. 104 3rd SEPTEMBER, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00

General Notice 2528 of 2021. The tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed
on the outside with the tender number, description, closing
MINISTRY OF HIGHER AND TERTIARY EDUCATION, date and must be deposited in the tender box at Marondera
INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Provincial Hospital, corner 4th Street and De Jaguar, P.O.
Late submissions or emailed bids will be rejected.
Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding
General Notice 2530 of 2021.
BIDS are invited from reputable suppliers registered with the
Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe for the provision MANYAME RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL (MRDC)
of the following requirements to Msasa Industrial Training College.
Tender Notices
Tender number
MITCAD.02/2021. Supply and fix of industrial gutters. Site visit: Invitation to Domestic Tender Bidding
Yes, on the 10th September, 2021. . Closing date: 27th
September, 2021, at 1000 hours. INTERESTED and qualified companies are invited to bid for the
below listed tenders. Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes
MITCAD.03/2021. Supply of chromadek sheets. Closing date: 27th and endorsed on the outside with name of the bidder, advertised
September, 2021, at 1000 hours. tender number, the tender description and tender closing date.
MITCAD.04/2021. Supply of hook bolts, capping and flashing. Tender number
Closing date: 27th September, 2021, at 1000 hours.
Interested bidders can obtain bid documents from PMU MRDC/RW/12/21. Supply and delivery of brand new motor vehicles.
upon payment of a non-refundable fee of RTGS890,00, MRDC/RW/10/21. Supply and delivery of fuel.
from Accounts office. Three hard copies of the bid must be The bid documents are available upon payment of a non-
enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to the Procurement refundable fee of one thousand dollars only (ZWL$2 000)
Management Unit endorsed with the tender number and
deposited in a tender box at: inclusive of VAT. All tender document shared via email
shall be for free. Tender documents are obtained from
Msasa Industrial Training College, Manyame Rural District Council Head Offices or requested
22, Felice Avenue,
Msasa, Harare. on procurementmrdc@gmail.com Bidders must make
RO. Box AY182, sure to provide valid proof of PRAZ registration, proof of
Amby, Harare. NSSA clearance, tax clearance certificate and other company
NB. Bids received after 1000 hours on the closing date shall documents on submission. Applications from interested
be treated as late bids and shall not be accepted. Msasa ITC companies must be submitted no later than 14th September,
reserves the right to reject any tenders and does not bind 2021, at 1100 hours in sealed envelopes at Manyame Rural
itself to accept any tenders in whole or in part. District Council, Stand 34, Beatrice. These should be
addressed to: The Chief Executive Officer, Manyame Rural
General Notice 2529 of 2021. District Council, RO. Box 99, Beatrice.
MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND CHILD CARE NB: Participating bidders may observe opening of tenders
immediately after tender closing time. Manyame Rural District
MARONDERA PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Council is not bound to accept the lowest bidders.
Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding Notification of Contracts Awarded in Q3 2021
Manyame Rural District Council hereby give notice, in terms of
MARONDERA Provincial Hospital invites reputable suppliers section 68 of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets
registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 22:23], for contracts awarded during the third quarter
(RRAZ) to participate in the following tender:
of the Year 2021.
Tender number
Tender number
MRH/NCB/190/21. Multiparameter monitors. Closing date and time:
10th September, 2021, at 1030 hours. MRDC/HRD/06/21. Supply and delivery of food provisions. Contract
name and value: Millet Experience Stores (Private) Limited
Tender documents can be inspected and are obtainable from
the Accounts Department upon payment of non-refundable - USD22 515,00, or equivalent.
fee of $1 000RTGS from 0900 hours to 1500 hours (Monday F. GUTA,
to Friday). Chief Executive Officer.