Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-08-23 number 100

Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary, 9th April, 2021 563


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General Notice 2474A of 2021. General Notice 2474B of 2021.
_______ Invitation to Tender (Competitive Bidding)
Invitation to Domestic Tenders
_______ MUNICIPALITY of Chinhoyi invites tenderers from suitable and
THE Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development of reputable suppliers to provide the following goods and services.
the Republic of Zimbabwe is inviting prospective registered bidders The tenderers must be registered with Procurement Regulatory
to participate in the following tenders: Authority of Zimbabwe. Tender documents are to be collected from
Municipality of Chinhoyi Civic Centre office upon payment of a
Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed on non-refundable fee of ZWL2 000,00.
the outside with the correct reference number, the description, the
closing date and must be delivered by hand to Ministry of Transport Tender number
and Infrastructural Development, Office 14/42, Fourteenth Floor, CHY/CONSTRUCTIONEQUIPMENT HIRE/2021. Hire of
Kaguvi Building, cnr. Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and Ahmed construction equipment: dozer, tipper, construction grader,
Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, on or before 1100 hours on the closing excavator and water bowser. Closing date: 2nd September,
date. No faxed, e-mailed or late tenders will be considered. 2021.
Tender number CHY/ROADSAGGREGATES/2021. Roads aggregates, PC 15,
MOTID/ERRP / 25 OF 2021. Construction of flooded damaged cement. Closing date: 31st August, 2021.
structures at Ruenya Bridge. Emmergency Road Rehabilitation CHY/RADIONETWORK/2021. Repair of point to Multi Point
Programme (ERRP) 2. Registration: Ministry of Local Radio Network. Mandatory site visit: 27th August, 2021, at
Government and Public Works, CIFOZ and or ZBCA under 1100 hours. Closing date: 14th September, 2021.
Category A and B of Civil Contractors only. Compulsory site Bidders are free to witness the tender opening on the closing
visit: 28th August, 2021. Closing date: 9th September, 2021. date and time at, Municipality of Chinhoyi, 93, Magamba
Way, Chinhoyi, in the Cooksey. Bids in sealed envelopes
MOTID/ERRP/26 OF 2021. Design and construction of sliplanes at and clearly marked with the tender number should be hand
traffic circles. Emmergency Road Rehabilitation Programme delivered to the address below not later than 1200 noon on
(ERRP) 2. Registration: Ministry of Local Government and the closing date.
Public Works, CIFOZ and or ZBCA under Category A of The Procurement Management Unit,
Civil Contractors only. Compulsory site visit: 28th August, Municipality of Chinhoyi, 93, Magamba Way,
2021. Closing date: 13th September, 2021. Chinhoyi
Documents 067-2125431.
Tender documents are obtainable from the Procurement
Management Unit Office, Ministry of Transport and
Infrastructural Development, Room 42, Fourteenth Floor CONTENTS
Kaguvi Building, corner Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and
Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue, Harare, between 0745 hours and
1445 hours during week days. General Notices
NB: Documents will be issued upon payment of a non-
Number Page
refundable fee of one thousand dollars (ZWL$ 1 000,00)
only per tender. 2474A. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development: Invitation
to Domestic Tenders . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1229
2474B. Municipality of Chinhoyi: Invitation to Tender (Competitive Bidding) 1229

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