Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-08-13 number 97

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Vol. XCIX, No. 97 13th AUGUST, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00
General Notice 2383 of 2021.

Updated Standing List of Manufacturers

INTERNATIONAL NAT RBM.03/2021. For the supply and delivery of registered medicines and medical supplies to NatPharm Harare
Regional Stores (manufacturers only).
Notice is hereby given in terms of section 32(3) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23],
as read together with section 15(8) of the Statutory Instrument 5 of 2018, hereby referred to as the regulations. NatPharm herein
referred to as the “’Procuring Entity” operating under instructions from the Ministry of Health and Child Care in line with the Public
Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23], would like to notify the public of the standing list of manufacturers
of registered Medicines and Medical Supplies under the above referenced tender as shown below:

Quantity re- MCAZ registration | Manufacturer and country of
Item description Bidder name quired Pack size | number/certifications | origin

Rabies Vaccine qidian Mmunilogicals | 590,000 | Ampoule | 2017/18.2/5468 agian Immuntlogicals Limited,
S.M Farmaceutici SRL, TITO-
Paracetamol IV 10mg/_ | Sandoz pea |e | ae Eas POTENZA,LSALUTAS
Amanta 101,500 Each 2014/2.1/4854 Amanta , India

jEeivomslazols BOOMS | aces 21,500 | B/100m1 | 2006/7.6/4447 Amanta , India
Torrent Pharma 150,000 B/100 95/12.3.1/2890 Torrent India
Nifedipine 20mg SR
Remedica 150,000 B/100 98/12.6/3305 Remedica Limited, Cyprus

Plus Five Plus Five Th sieal
(Private)} 105,000 |B/100 | 2005/12.35/4400 ee eee
(Private) Limited, Zimbabwe

Enalapril 10mg Remedica 105,000 |B/100 | 99/12.3.5/3599 Remedica Limited, Cyprus
Varichem 105,000 B/100 9019/12.3.5/5838 Varichem Pharmaceuticals,
Pharmaceuticals Zimabwe

Torrent Pharma 102,000 B/30 2006/12.3.5/4450 Torrent India

Varichem 102,000 B/30 9017/12.3.5/5332 Varichem Pharmaceuticals,
Pharmaceuticals Zimabwe
Losartan 50mg
Hetero Labs Limited 102,000 B/30 2013/12.3.5/4772 Hetero Labs Limited, India

Uniehew Labowties Unichem Laboraties Limited,
102,000 B/30 2008/12.3.5/4525 India