Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2021-07-02 number 82


Published by Authority

Vol. XCIX, No. 82 2nd JULY, 2021 Price RTGS$170,00

General Notice 2088 of 2021. The site visits, where stated, are compulsory and failure to attend
will render the supplier’s bid document a non-submission.
Invitation to Tender • Tender documents will be sold strictly from 0900 hours
to 1300 hours (Monday to Friday).
BIDS are invited from reputable, reliable and well-established
companies to tender for the following: • Payments can be made at the Office of theAuditor-General
through Swipe or through the bank into the following
Tender number account:
ICT/PWT/02/2021. Provision of static security guard and CIT Account Name: Audit Office Main Account
services for Powertel Offices and base stations. Closing date: Bank Name: CBZ Bank
2nd September, 2021.
Account Number: 01123145420012
Tenders must be properly addressed to the Procurement
Manager and enclosed in sealed envelopes clearly endorsed Branch: Kwame Nkrumah
on the outside with the advertised tender number, tender Branch Code: 6101
description and tender closing date. Tenders should be
deposited into the tender box at Powertel Communications, Swift Code: COBZZWHAXXX
No. 16, Birmingham Road, Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe, For payments made through the bank using transfer or ZIPIT,
on or before 1000 hours on the closing date. bidders should state their company name as the reference.
Documents for the above captioned tenders are obtainable
on Powertel Communications website http://www. powertel. General Notice 2090 of 2021.
co.zw/tenders/ free of charge. Bidders must regularly check
the website until the tender closes for updates and responses GURUVE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL
to queries.
Invitation to Domestic Bidding
NB: Powertel does not bind itself to award the tender to the
lowest tender or any bid and reserves the right to accept the GURUVE Rural District Council invites reputable and eligible
whole or part of the tender. bidders to bid for the following in terms of the Public Procurement
and Disposal of Public Assets Act [Chapter 22:23]:
General Notice 2089 of 2021. Tender number
OFFICE OF THE AUDITOR-GENERAL ZIMBABWE (OAG) GRDC/EQ.01/21. Supply of tipper truck brand new. Closing date:
13th July, 2021.
Invitation toCompetitive Bidding
GRDC/EQ.02/21. Supply of water sprinkler truck brand new. Closing
BIDS are invited for the under mentioned tenders. Bids must be date: 13 th July, 2021.
enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed on the outside with the GRDC/EQ.03/21. Supply of tractor brand new. Closing date: 13th
advertised procurement reference number, the description, the closing July, 2021.
date and must be posted in time to be sorted into Post Office Box CY
143, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the Head of Procurement GRDC/EQ/04/21. Supply of dump trailer brand new. Closing date:
Management Unit, Office of the Auditor-General, Second Floor, 15th July, 2021.
Burroughs House, 48, George Silundika Avenue, Harare, before GRDC/EQ.05/21. Supply of water drilling rig. Closing date: 15th
1000 hours. on the closing date: July, 2021.
Tender number GRDC/GDS.01/21. Supply and installation of borehole solar system
OAG. 16/2021. International competitive bidding. Supply of and Plumbing materials. Closing date: 15th July, 2021.
200 x laptops. Closing date and time: 30th July, 2021, at The following documents are to be submitted with the tender
1000 hours. documents:
Documents for tenders are obtainable from The Head (i) Company profile.
Procurement Management Unit, Office of the Auditor­ (ii) Valid tax clearance certificate.
General, Second Floor, Burroughs House, 48, George (iii) Proof of Registration with Procurement Regulatory
Silundika Avenue/Simon Vengai Muzenda Street, upon proof Authority of Zimbabwe.
of payment of non-refundable fee of $1 000,00.
(iv) Copy of Certificate of incorporation.
Bids submitted after the closing date and/or time will not be
accepted. (v) Trade References.