Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2020-11-27 number 128


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Vol. XCVIII, No. 128 27th NOVEMBER, 2020 Price RTGS$155,00

GOVERNMENT GAZETTE General Notice 2928 of 2020.
Correction of Error
Application for Recognition of a Public Service Staff Association/
NOTICE is hereby given, for general information, that the table Union: Zimbabwe National Union of School Heads (ZINUSH)
of contents of the Government Gazette Vol XCVIII, No. 125, dated
20th November, 2020, contained an error.
IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 24 of the Public Service
It is corrected by the deletion of— Act [Chapter 16:04], that an application has been received for the
272. Criminal Law (Codification and Reforms) (Standard Scale of Fines) Notice, recognition of the Zimbabwe National Union of School Heads
2020.”. (ZINUSH), to represent the interest of all school heads and their
deputies under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
Gazette Editor. Any person who wishes to make any representations relating to the
application is invited to lodge such representations with the Minister
General Notice 2927 of 2020. of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, at Kaguvi Building,
at the corner of Simon Vengai Muzenda Street and Ahmed Ben
ZESA ENTERPRISES (PRIVATE) LIMITED Bella Avenue, Harare, or post them to P.O. Box CY 17, Causeway,
within 30 days of the publication of this notice and state whether
Invitation to Domestic Competitive Bidding or not he or she wishes to appear in support of such representations
at any proceedings.
BIDS are invited from interested, reputable and PRAZ registered HON. PROF. P. MAVIMA (MP),
companies for the supply and delivery of goods and services in the 27-11-2020. Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.
following tenders:
General Notice 2929 of 2020.
Tender number
ZE/DCB/07/2020. Supply and delivery of protective clothing for CORPORATION (SMEDCO)
2021. Site visit requirements: Based on samples. Closing
date and time: 16th December, 2020.
Request for Expression of Interest
ZE/DCB/08/2020. Supply, delivery and installation of air compressor.
Closing date and time: 16th December, 2020. Tender number
Documents for the tender are available upon payment of a SMEDCO/02/EOI/2020. For the supply, installation, configuration
non-refundable fee of ZWL$820,00, for each tender available and implementation of a Loan Management System/
every day from Monday to Friday between 1000 hours and Core Banking System for Small and Medium Enterprises
1200 hours respectively. Any queries should be addressed Development Corporation (SMEDCO).
to the Supplies Manager at the addresses indicated below at The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Corporation
least ten working days before the closing date: (SMEDCO) was formed in 1983 through anAct ofParliament
The Supplies Manager, [Chapter 24:12] and is a State owned enterprise which falls
under the Ministry of WomenAffairs, Community, Small and
Procurement Management Unit, Medium Enterprises. The organisation began operations in
ZESA Enterprises Head Office, April 1984.
No. 1, Harare Drive/Willowvale Road,
New Ardbennie, The focus of the Corporation is to reach out to all Micro
Harare. Small and Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe with innovative
ICT driven financial services and products. In the regard the
Tenders should be submitted to the above address in sealed Corporation relies heavily on ICT and automated processes
envelope clearly marked “For the tender box” inscribed on to deliver on its mandate effectively. It is critical for the
the envelope with the above tender number and closing date business to have the right solution designed according to
by hand on or before the closing date and time. banking and other regulatory best practices.
ZESA Enterprises is not bound to accept the lowest or any SMEDCO invites eligible/qualified solution providers/
tender. firms/vendors to express their interest in providing the
corporation with an efficient, cost effective and reliable
Closing date: 16th December, 2020, at 1000 hours. Tenders Loan Management/Core Banking System that is compliant
will be opened at 1000 hours and bidders’ representative are with internationally acceptable banking best practices and
free to attend at the opening time and venue given above. regulatory requirements.