Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-05-10 number 31



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Price US$2,00
20th APRIL, 20 18
Vol. XCVI, No. 31
Tender number sport
. invited for the provisionof tran
General Notice 190 of 2018 NOIC/CB/02/2018. Tenders areel to all provinces. The closing date
1) services for delivery offu
LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:0 is 10th May, 2018.
eedings: Zimbabwe Advanc
ed Mine
are invited for the supply, deli
Notice of Accreditation Proc on NOIC/CB/03/2018. Tenders ratory equipment. The closing date
Workers Uni and installation of labo
Act is 10th May, 2018.
s of section 42 of the Labour
IT is hereby notified, in term cee din gs are pro pos ed to the
[Chapter 28:01], that accredit
atio n pro lable for collection from
Zimbabwe Tender documents are avai NOC ZIM
determining whether or not Managemen t Unit , Fou rth Floo r,
be held for the purpose of ed or not. The Procurement
Uni on mus t be regi ster Street, Harare, upon payment
Advanced Mine Worker s
eral Notice 144 of 2018, publ
ished House, 100, Leopold Takawira 00, for each tender
application was notified by Gen 8. of a non-refundable fee of
2nd March, 201
in the Government Gazette on document.
n proc eedi ngs will be held on 7th June, 2018,at
The accreditatio Twelfth Floor of Compensat
ion 8.
9,30 a.m. in the boardroom
in the
t and Central General Notice 193 of 201
Ven gai Muz end aSt ree
House, at the corner of Simon RURA L ELE CTRIFICATION FUND
Avenue, Harare. ting
make any representations rela the
Any person who wishes to esen tati ons with Formal Invitation to Tender
lodge such repr
to the application is invited tosation House, at the comer of Simon the advertised
pen endorsed onthe outside, with
Registrar of Labour,at Com ral Avenue, Harare, or post the
m Tenders must be enclosedinseale
d envelopes
dropped in the tender
Vengai Muzenda Street and Cent within 30 days of the publication closing date. The bids shall be
tender rumber, the description and bythe closing date and time personallyor via post.
to Private Bag 7707, Causeway, heror not he or she will be atte
nding box located at the above stat ed addre ss
ing of the tenders on the closing
date andtime.
of this notice andto state whet . Bidders are free to witnessthe open
the accreditation proceedi ngs.
G. KANYAYI, Tender number
are invited from reputable bidders
Registrar of Labour. REF/Comp/08/04/2018. Tenders of various line materials: bolts
20-4-2018. for the supply and deli very
stays 5 435; xarms (various
and nuts galvanised 48 646, rod (various sizes) 104 500,
General Notice 191 of 2018. sizes) 3 039; wire galvanised stay
35 134; spacer spindles 6 637;
ACT (CHAPTER 27:19] pin insu lato rs (var ious size s)
_ HEALTH PROFESSIONS ed 17 222, pla tfo rm TXF 11kV 319; clamp
cap pole galvanis stay bows 2 069;
of Senior Registrars lato r shac kle 11 663;
Establishmentof a Register strain gitype 7 591; insu
was her 50 361, wood braces
the Health pole caps 17 222, wood pole
terms of section 712) of ed 918.
IT is hereby notified, in Min ist er of Hea lth and 7 933: brac es galv anis
19) , that the
Professions Act (Chapter 27-establishmentof a Register of Senior re invited from reputable
Child Care has approved the REF /Co mp/10/04/2018— R9443. Tendersa of 19,1kV single phase
31stDecember, 2016. bidders for the supply and deli very
Registrars with effect from y power supply. Quantity
A., autorecloser complete with auxillar
Registrar, of5.
invited from reputable
Medical and Dental Pra
ctitioners Council of REF/ Comp !11/04/2018 — R8991. Tenders areGPS devices. Quantity
Bee for the supply and delivery of
20-4-2018. of 41.
ersare invited from reputable
REF/Comp! 12104/2018—R9432. Tendvery of 10mm SCAconductor
General Notice 192 of 2018. biddersfor the supply and deli
CTURE COMPANY OF magpie cables. Quantity of 150 000m
) are obtainable from
The relevant Requestfor Proposals (RFP
Proc urem ent Admin istra tor, REA Head Office, Office
Formal Invitation to Tender the
, Mega watt Hous e, come r Samora Machel
722, Seventh Floor
te Bag 250A
to the Procurement Management
Unit, Fourth Floor, Avenue/Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, Privaof US$10,00,
BID proposals must be submitted ee
‘Takawira Street , Harar e, Zimb abwe . Tenders must be
tender number, Harare, upon payment of anon-refundablef
NOCZIM House, 100, Leopold on the outside, with the advertised
enclosed in scaled envelopes endo Tenders must be posted in time to be sorted into Post per tender.
y. ed. Tender
Late bids whether by post or hand will be rejecta.m.
closi ng date and the natur e of suppl Management Unit,
livcredby hand to the Procurement
Office Box CY 223, Causeway, ordc
Leopold Takawira Strect, Harare,
Zimbabwe, before closing date and time, 10th May, 2018, at 10.00
Fourth Floor, NOCZIM House, 100,
10.00 a.m. on the closing date.