Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-04-06 number 28


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Vol. XCVI, No. 28 6th APRIL, 2018 Price US$2,00

advertised tender number, the description, the closing date and time and must be
General Notice 178 of 2018. in time to PO.Box ST 23, Southerton, Harare, or delivered by hand to
the Procurement
LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER20.12] Manager, NatPharm Company, No. 14, Lobengula Road, Southerton, Harare, before
hours on the closing date.
Decision on the Application for the Cancellation of Portion of Tender number —
General Plan No. CG 777 of Subdivisions A, B,C, D, E, FG, H,
J,K,L,M.N,P,Q,R,§,T, U, V, W, X and Y of Lot 49 Block A NATITHE 10/2018. Tenders are invited for the supply, delivery,
of Avondale: Salisbury District installation and commissioning of laboratory equipment and
reagents to NatPharm Harare Regional Stores. Documents
FURTHERto the application notice of which appeared as are obtainable from the Procurement Department, NatPharm
advertisement 299099Fin the Government Gazette, dated 10thMarch, Head Office, 14, Lobengula Road, Southerton, Harare, upon
2017, the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, in paymentof a non-refundable fee of UD$10,00,between 0900
termsofsection 47(3) ofthe Land SurveyAct [Chapter 20:12], hereby
and 1300 hours and between 0900 and 1600 hours. The closing
gives notice that he has consented to cancellation of the portion of
General Plan No. CG 777 represented by Subdivision J of Lot 49 date is 24th Apnil, 2018.
Block A of Avondale and defined bythe following beacons: —BB, NatPharm does not binditself to accept the lowest tender or
BD, AB, AA and BB, situate in the district of Salisbury. any tender, and reserves the nght to accept the whole or part
E. GUWAZA, thereof.
6-4-2018. Surveyor -General.
General Notice 181 of 2018.
PETROTRADE Formal Invitation to Tender
Formal Invitation to Tender
BID documents must be submitted in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with
, the advertised tender number, tender description, closing date and time and must be hand
‘TENDERSareinvitedfrom contractors registered with the Ministryof Local Government deliveredtothe Supply Chain Office, Office No. 13, Seventh Floor, National Social Security
electricals and
Public Works and National Housing for Mabvuku Main Building including Authority, NSSA House, comer Sam Nujoma Street/Selous Avenue,
Harare, or posted to
nt Management
Beitbridge wall Tender.Tenders must besubmittedtothe Head Procureme
Unit, Petrotrade, Seventh Floar, Noczim House, 100, LeopoldTakawira
Street, Harare, and the Supply Chain Office, National Social Security Authority, P-O. Box CY 1387, Causeway,
must be enclosed in sealed envelopes endorsed on the outside, with the
advertised tender Zimbabwe,to reach us on or before date and time of closure.
time to be sorted
number, closing date and the nature of supply. Tenders must be posted in
into Post Office Box CY 223, Causeway, before 10,00 a.m. on the closing
date. Tender number
INE./NSSA/02/2018. Request for proposals (RFP) for the
Tender number development and implementation of Voluntary Informal
PT/CMBE/04/2018. Tenders are invited for the proposed Sector IT System.
construction of Main Building and electricals at Stand 1180, Bidders’ Conference
Ventersburg Mabvuku. (Bidders registered with Ministry of
Local Government, Public Works and National Housing
in Bidders shall be required to attend a mandatory Bidder’s
Category A and B). Compulsory site visit, 16th April,
2018, Conference at NSSA House,on the 19th of Apmil, 2018, at
at 1200 hours. Theclosing date is 2nd May, 2018. 10.00 am. Bidders are to report to the Supply Chain Office,
at Stand Office No 13, Seventh Floor, NSSA House, Corner Sam
PT/WBBD/05/2018. Proposed construction of a wall Nujoma Street/Selous Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe. The
4688 Beitbridge. (Bidders registered with Ministry of Local closing date is 17th May, 2018,at 10.00 a.m.
in Category
Government, Public Works and National Housing
April, 2018,at 1200
D and above). Compulsory site visit, 19th INE/NSSA/03/2018. Request for Proposals (RFP)for the provision of
hours. The closing date is 2nd May, 2018. maintenance services for Unified Communications, Network
from the Security and LAN Cabling. The closing date is 26th Apmil,
Tender documents are available for collection 2018, at 10,00 am.
Procurement Management Unit, Petrotrade, First
NOCZIM House, 100, Leopold Takawira Street, Harare,after INE/NSSA/04/2018. Request for Proposals (RFP) for SMARTnet
payment of a non-refundable fee of US$80,00, per tender for Core Cisco Infrastructure. The closing date is 26th April,
document. 2018, at 10,00 a.m.
INE/NSSA/05/2018. Request for Proposals (RFP)for the provision
General Notice 180 of 2018. of funeral services to NSSA Retirement Pensioners. The
NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY closing date is 26th April , 2018, at 10.00 am.
INE./NSSA/06/2018. Request for Proposals (RFP) for the
Formal Invitation to Tender development, implementation and commissioning ofa Client
on the outside with the Contact Centre System.
TENDERS mustbe enclosed in sealed envelopes and endorsed