Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2018-03-30 number 27

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Vol. XCVI, No. 27 30th MARCH,2018

General Notice 170 of 2018.
General Notice 168 of 2018.
Application for Plant Breeders Rights
Formal TenderInvitation
the Plant
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 12(1) of
Act [ Chapte r 18:16], that an applica tion has been
the outside with advertised Breeders Rights
‘TENDERS mustbe zealed in envelopes and endorsed on rs rights in respect
tender number,the description andthe closingdate.
‘Tenders must be deposited into the madeto the Registrar for granting of plant breede
Main Railway Station, lars of which are specifi ed in the
tender box on the Second Floor, Area Headquarters, opposite of plants, the names and particu
and Stores, Room
Bulawayo, or hand delivered or couriered to the Manager, Supplies Schedule.
Station, Metcalfe Square,
203, SecondFloor, Area Headquarters, opposite MainRailway s
Bulawayo, before 1000 hours on the closing date, 11th May,
2018. Any person wishing to objectto the granting ofthe plant breeder
ar of the
rights to the applicants must do so in writing to the Registr
within three
Tender number Plant Breeders Rights, PO. Box CY 550, Causeway,
6599-5649. Tenders are invited from registered and months from the date of publication of this notice.
suppliers for the supply ofinter grated train monito ring and
authorisation system. Tender documents forthe above tender Registrar of Plant Breeders Rights.
are obtainable from Manager Supplies and Stores, National
Railways of Zimbabwe, Room 203, Second Floor, SCHEDULE
Headquarters opposite Main Railway Station, Bulawayo:
es APPLICATION No. 16002
Contact numbers (09) 362191 and (09) 362974 or Suppli
Assistant(Distribution) Harare Buying Office, comer Kennet Name of applicant. Plant Science and Berry Rand D
Kaunda Avenue/Simon Vengai Muzenda Street, Harare,
Date of application. 10/01/2016
contact numbers (04) 7860 4295 and (04) 78604701 or email
Kind ofplant: Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus L.)
addresses: supman@nrz,co.zw and tenders@ nrz.co.zw, upon
proof of paymentof a non-refundable fee of USD10,00 (ten Name or temporary designation: Grandeur
United States dollars). Distinguishing characteristics: The variety has a large fruit in size
N.B. Late tenders will not be accepted. that is highlyfirm and is light in colour. The primocane glaucosi
ranges from absentto very weak. It has light brown floricane colour.
General Notice 169 of 2018. APPLICATION No. 17001
Nameof applicant: BerryWorld Plus Limited
Decision on the Application for the Cancellation of Portion of Dateof application: 05/01/2017
General Plan No, CG2621 of Stands 380-405 Muteko Kind ofplant: Raspberry (Rubusidaeus L.)
Nameor temporary designation: Diamond Jubilee
FURTHERto the application notice of which appeared as Distinguishing characteristics. The variety is upright with
advertisement 34902f in the Government Gazette, dated 2nd canes.It has few short spines of medium density that are purplish
and Rural
December, 2016, the Minister of Lands, Agriculture brown. Theintensity of anthocyanin coloration of apex dunng
47(3) of the Land Survey Act
Resettlement, in terms of section rapid growth is weak. The variety also has a large flower with a
20:12], hereby gives notice that he has consented to the
very firm fruit with strong glossiness.
cancellation of portion of General Plan No. CG2621
by Stand 381 Mutoko Township, and defined by the following APPLICATIONNo. 17002
beacons: —381a, 381b, 381c, 381d, 381e, 381f and 381a, situate in Nameof applicant: Mountain Blue Orchards Pty Ltd
the district of Mtoko.
Date of application: 05/09/2017
Surveyor-General. Kindofplant: Blueberry (Vaccinium hybrid)
Nameor temporary designation: Ridley 4514