Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-12-30 number 80

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Vol. XCIV, No. 80 30th DECEMBER, 2016 Price US$2,00

General Notice 435 of 2016. General Notice 437 of 2016.


Companies Struckoff the Register Approvalof Transfer of Business of an Asset Management

IT is herebynotified, in terms of section 320 of the Companies IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 15(5) of the Asset
Act [Chapter 24:03}, that the names of the companies specified ManagementAct[Chapter 24:26], that the Securities and Exchange
in the Schedule have been struck off the register. Commission has approved the transfer of business of Ecobank
Zimbabwe Asset Management(Private) Limited,a registered Asset
M. CHAKANYUKA, Management companyin terms of the Asset ManagementAct to
30-12-2016. Registrar of Companies. Akribos Capital Incorporated (Private) Limited,
Chief Executive Officer,
COMPANIES STRUCK OFF THE REGISTER 30-12-2016. Securities & Exchange Commission.
Number Company name Capital US$ Date of
3842/1999 Thelinem Investments (Private) Limited 2 000,00 26.04.1999 Success Microfinance Bank Limited
29/09/1999 Number Nineteen Victoria Avenue 2 000,00 29.09.1981
(Private) Limited IT is hereby notified that Success Microfinance Bank Limited
(formerly Collarhedge Finance (Private) Limited) has beenlicensed
1134/1958 Waughco Nominees (Private) Limited 2. 000,00 11.12.1958
and authorised to conduct deposit-taking microfinance business in
termsof the Microfinance Act [Chapter 24:29], with effect from 27th
General Notice 436 of 2016.
September, 2016.
CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE The Reserve Bank has also approved the name change from
Collarhedge Finance (Private) Limited to Success Microfinance Bank
Limited. —Registrar of Microfinanciers. 349974f
Notice of Acquisition of Agricultural Land
IT is herebynotified, in termsof section 72(2) of the Constitution
of Zimbabwe,that the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, NOTICE is hereby given that we intend to apply for a certified
acquires for and on behalf of the State for public purpose, the land copy of Certificate of Consolidated Title 7329/97, dated 4th
described in the Schedule. September, 1997, made in favour of Old Mutual Property Investment
Corporation (Private) Limited, wherebycertain three pieces of land
Further take notice that the ownership of the acquired land with situate in the district of Salisbury called—
full title therein vested in the State shall be with effect from the date (1) Lot 1A Prospect, measuring 37,054 1 hectares;
of publication ofthis notice in the Government Gazette. (2) Stand 758 Prospect Township of Subdivision B of Prospect,
D. T. MOMBESHORA, measuring 9,901 5 hectares;
30-12-2016. Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement.
(3) Subdivision D of Prospect, measuring 10,415 3 hectares;
SCHEDULE were conveyed, ‘
DESCRIPTION OF LAND All persons having any objections to, or wishing to make
1. Deed of Transfer 09439/2001, registered in the name of Hasty any representations in connexion with, the issue of such copy,
Trading (Private) Limited, in respect of certain piece of land are hereby required to lodge same, in writing, with the Deeds
situate in the district of Makoni, being Lot 1 of Namie, meas- Registry, at Harare, within 14 days of the publication of this
uring seven hundred and thirteen commaseven three zero one notice. —Danziger & Partners, legal practitioners, Third Floor,
(713,730 1) hectares. Finsure House, cnr. Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and Sam Nujoma
Street, Harare. 349784f
2. Deed of Transfer 09439/2001, registered in the nameof Hasty
Trading (Private) Limited, in respect of certain piece of land LOST DEED OF TRANSFER
situate in the district of Makoni, being Remaining Extent of
Namie, measuring one thousand ninehundredand elevencomma
Six Six nine eight (1 911,669 8) hectares.
NOTICEis herebygiven that weintend to apply fora certified
copy of Deedof Transfer 8465/2005, dated 22nd November, 2005,