Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-11-04 number 68



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Vol. XCIV, No.68 4th NOVEMBER, 2016 Price US$2,00

General Notice 388 of 2016. General Notice 389 of 2016.


Erasures from Veterinary Surgeons Register
Application for Registration of a Trade Union: Yedu Commercial
and Allied Workers Union
IT is herebynotified that, in terms of section 29 of the Veterinary
IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 33 of the Labour
Surgeons Act [Chapter 27:15}, the following personsspecified in
Act (Chapter 28:01], that an application has been received for
the Schedule were erased from the Veterinary Surgeons register as
at 30th September, 2016. .
the registration of Yedu Commercial and Allied Workers Union
to representthe interests of non-managerial employees in the
commercial sector in Zimbabwe.
Any person who wishes to make any representations relating
4-11-2016, Registrar of Veterinary Surgeons.
to the applicationis invited to lodge such representations with the
SCHEDULE Registrar of Labour, at Compensation House,at the comer of Simon
Vengai MuzendaStreet and Central Avenue, Harare, or post them
PERSONS ERASED FROM VETERINARY SURGEONS to Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 daysof the publication
REGISTER of this notice in the Government Gazette and to state whether or
not he or she wishes to appear in support of such representationsat
Name Qualifications Address any accreditation proceedings.
T. Chinamora BVSc 20, Tay Road, Vainona, Harare. N. N. SIMANGO,
S. Chinyoka BVSc State Veterinary Office, P.O. Box 411-2016. Acting Registrar of Labour.
30, Keetmanshop, Namibia.
F.C. Drakes BVSc 11A, Boodle Avenue, Eastlea, General Notice 390 of 2016.
S. Mazodze BVSc 6~76th Avenue, Sunridge,
Harare. Notice of Submission of Pan-African Minerals University of
T. Mirira BVSc 150, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Science and Technology, 2015 Bill for Presidential Assent
IN termsof section 131(5)(b) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,
G. M. Moyo BVSc 5, Protea Lane, Newton West,
Bulawayo. i
itis hereby notified that on the 20th October, 2016,the Pan-African
Minerals University of Science and Technology, 2015 Bill was
N. Mufandauya BVSc 9, Barrington Road, Waterfalls,
transmitted to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of
Zimbabwe, for his assent and signature.
M. Mukwenji BVSc 6945, Unit ā€œJā€, Seke, Chitungwiza.
R. Munzeiwa BVSc 70, Tagutapadare, Mufakose, HON. M. M. CHINOMONA,
Harare. 4-11-2016. Deputy Speakerof the National Assembly.
K. T. Nyathi BVSc Chinyuka Primary School, Private
Bag 27, Goromonzi. General Notice 391 of 2016.
C.A.J.Nyereyegona BVSc P.O. Box CH 128, Chisipite, CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE
A. Rungwe BVSc 194ā€”4th Street, Mucheke B, Notice of Submission of Special Economic Zones, 2015 Bill for
Masvingo. Presidential Assent
M.Takawira BVSc 7, Maltese Street, Olivedale, IN termsofsection 131(5)(b) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,
Randburg Johanesburg 2158,
it is hereby notified that on the 27th October, 2016, the Special
South Africa. Economic Zones, 2015 Bill was transmitted to His Excellency, the
T. C. Ushe MSVM 17A, Carrick Cragh, Greystone Presidentof the Republic ofZimbabwe, forhis assent and signature.
Park, Harare.
T. Vengere BVSc 31, Sawley Close, Malborough, HON.,M. M. CHINOMONA,
Harare. 411-2016. Deputy Speakerof the National Assembly.