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General Notice 387A of 2016. The application for transfer of business is in terms of section
15(2) of the Asset Management Act[Chapter 24:26] where Akribos
CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE Capital Incorporated (Private) Limited intends to acquire Ecobank
Asset Management(Private) Limited.
Publication of Law The nature of the transactionis sale of 100% ofthe share capital
of Ecobank Asset Management(Private) Limited to Akribos Capital
THEfollowing law whichhas beenassented to by His Excellency Incorporated (Private) Limited.
the President, is published in terms of section 131(6) of the Anyinterested persons are hereby called to make written
Constitution of Zimbabwe—
representationsor objections to the application within 21 days from
Special Economic ZonesAct [Chapter 14:34] (No. 7 of 2016). the date of publication of this notice in the Government Gazette. The
application documentsare available for inspection to members of
M. J. M. SIBANDA, the public at SECZ Office at 20, York Avenue, Newlands, Harare.
1-11-2016. Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet. The written representations or objections can be delivered at
SECZ offices at the above-mentioned address or emailed on email
address seczim@seczim.co.zw
General Notice 387B of 2016.
ASSET MANAGEMENT ACT [CHAPTER24.26] Chief Executive Officer,
1-11-2016. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Application for Transfer of Business of Asset Management
IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 15(3) of the Asset
Management Act[Chapter 24:26] that the Securities and Exchange General Notices
Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) received an application for Number Page
approval of transfer of business of Ecobank Zimbabwe Asset . . .. - 957
387A. Constitution of Zimbabwe: PublicationofLaw..
Management (Private) Limited, a registered Asset Management
company in terms of the Asset Management Act [Chapter 24:26] 387B. Asset ManagementAct [Chapter 24:26]: Application for Transfer of
to Akribos Capital Incorporated (Private) Limited. Business of Asset Management Company. . » . «© + + + + 957

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