Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-09-13 number 56

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Vol. XCIV, No. 56

General Notice 239A of 2016. 1. This Order may becited as the Public Order and Security
(Temporary Prohibition of Public Demonstrations in the Harare
Central Police District) Order, 2016.
Notice of Proposed Prohibition Order 2. In this Order—
“Harare Central Police District” means the area bounded by
Cumberland Road, Enterprise Road, Churchill Avenue, Swan
Notice to interested parties ofproposedprohibition order Drive, Cork Road, Sandringham Drive, DrummondChaplin
Road, Marimba Stream, Coventry Road, Rotten Row, the
NOTICEis herebygivento all interested parties ofthe prohibition National Railways of Zimbabweline up to the Mukuvisi
order soughtto be made undersection 27 of the Public Order and River and back to Cumberland Road;
Security Act [Chapter 11:17] in the terms specified in paragraph 3
below thatis proposed totakeeffect from the 16th September, 2016 “Regulating Authority” means Chief Superintendent Newbert
and to expire on the 15th October, 2016. Saunyama of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, being the
Regulating Authority of the Harare Central Police District
Interested parties are invited to make anyrepresentations they may in his capacity as the Officer Commanding Harare Central
wish tomakeonthe proposed ordertothe RegulatingAuthority ofthe Police District.
Harare Central Police District addressed in writingto the Regulating
Authority, c/o Zimbabwe Republic Police, Harare Central Police
3. The Regulating Authority, believing on reasonable grounds
Station, comer Inez Terrace and Kenneth Kaunda Road (P.O. Box
that the powers conferred by section 26 of the Public Order and
CY 154, Causeway), Harare. Security Act [Chapter11:17] will not be sufficientto prevent public
disorder being occasionedby the holding of processions or public
Proposed prohibition order demonstrations or anyclass thereof in the Harare Central Police
District, hereby issues this Order prohibiting, for a period of one
WHEREAS itis provided in section 86 of the Constitution that month from Friday,the 16th September, 2016, to Saturday,the 15th
fundamental rights and freedomssetoutin the Declaration of Rights October, 2016,the holdingof all processionsor public demonstrations
may be limited only in termsof alaw ofgeneral application andto the or anyclass thereofin the Harare Central Police District.
extentthat the limitationis fair, reasonable, necessary andjustifiable 4, For the avoidance of doubtit is declared that, in terms of
in a democratic society based on openness,justice, human dignity, section 27(5) of the Public Order and Security Act [Chapter
equality and freedom,taking into accountall relevantfactors, 11:17], any person who organisesor assists in organising or takes
part in or attends any procession or public demonstration held in
AND WHEREAS itis providedin section 27(1) of the Public Order
contravention of an order under section 27(1) of the Act shall be
and Security Act [Chapter 11:17] that if a regulating authority for
anyarea believes on reasonable grounds thatthe powers conferred guilty of an offence andliable to a fine not exceedinglevelsix or to
imprisonmentfor a period notexceeding one year or to both such
by section 26 (“Consultations, negotiations, amendment of notices, fine and such imprisonment.
and conditions with respect to processions, public demonstrations
and public meetings to avoid public disorder”) of that Act will not CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT
be sufficient to prevent public disorder being occasioned by the NEWBERT SAUNYAMA, ZRP,
holding of processions or public demonstrationsoranyclass thereof
in the area or any part thereof, he may issue an order prohibiting, 13-9-2016. Regulating Authority, Harare Central Police.
for a specified period not exceeding one month, the holdingofall
public demonstrationsor any class of public demonstrations in the
area or part thereof concemed:
NOW, THEREFORE,I, Chief Superintendent Newbert Saunyama
of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, being the Regulating Authority
General Notice

of the Harare Central Police District in my capacity as the Officer Number Page
Commanding Harare Central Police District, hereby, in terms of 239A. Public Order and Security Act (Chapter 11:17}: Notice of Proposed
section 27 of the Public Order and Security Act [Chapter 11:17], Prohibition Order. - 6 ee ee ee et 757
makethefollowing order: —

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