Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-07-22 number 44


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22nd JULY, 2016 Price US$2,00
Vol. XCIV, No. 44

General Notice 116 of 2016. name Adrian Mpofu,so that, henceforth, he shall be known asAdrian
Phala which name he shall use in all deeds, documents, proceedings
HIGH COURT ACT [CHAPTER7:03] and transactions of whatsovernature.
Special Sitting 2016 Dated at Harare this 12th day of July, 2016.— Maxwell
Mavhunga, c/o Mavhunga & Associates, legal practitioners, No.
IT is herebynotified that the ChiefJustice has, in terms of section 64, George Silundika Avenue, Harare. 280597f
47 ofthe High Court Act [Chapter 7:03], directed the High Court to
sit at the Victim friendly Court at Harare Magistrates Court (Rotten CHANGE OF NAME
Row) ina criminal matter between the State v Christopher Munaki
betweenthe 14th and 16th of September, 2016. NOTICEisherebygiventhat Virginia Nyaradzai Makuluni (born
on 7th September, 1980) in her capacity as the natural guardian of
Rukudzo Monica Jongwe (bom onIst June, 2004), appeared before
22-7-2016. Acting Secretary, Judicial Service Commission. me Collins Rungwandi, on the 5th of July, 2015, in my capacity asa
notary public in Harare and changed the nameof Rukudzo Monica
General Notice 117 of 2016. Jongwe to Rukudzo MonicaJani.
LABOUR ACT [CHAPTER 28:01] Dated at Harare this 5th day of July, 2016.— Virginia Nyaradzai
Makuluni, c/o Matsika andAssociates, applicant’s legal practitioners,
Application for Registration of a Trade Union: Zimbabwe 280596f
11A, Bodle Avenue, Eastlea, Harare.
Haulage Truck Drivers Union
IT is hereby notified in terms of section 33 of the Labour Act
[Chapter 28:01}, that an application has been received for the
TAKE notice that, on the 6th day of June, 2016, before me,
registration of Zimbabwe HaulageTruckDrivers Unionto represent
the interests of haulage truck drivers in the Transport Industry in Daglus Pundu, a legal practitioner and notary public, appeared
Zimbabwe. Emmanuel Sibanda (bom on 28th June, 1990)in his capacity and he
formally and in perpetuity abandons the name Emmanuel Sibanda
Anyperson whowishes to makeanyrepresentationsrelating tothe
application isinvited tolodge such representationswith the Registrar and adopts Emmanuel Gumede,sothat, henceforth,for all purposes
of Labour, Compensation House, at the comer of Simon Ven gai and occasionsheshall be known by the name Emmanuel Gumede.
MuzendaStreet and Central Avenue, Harare,or post them to Private Dated at Harare this 6th day of June, 2016.— Daglus Pundu, c/o
Bag 7707, Causeway, Harare, within 30 days ofthe publication of Pundu & Company, applicant's legal practitioners, 18, Rudland
this notice and to state whetherornothe or she wishes to appear in Avenue, Belvedere, Harare. 280539f
support of such representations at any accreditation proceedings.
22-7-2016. Acting Registrar of Labour. NOTICEis hereby given that, on the 7th day of July, 2016,
Kudakwashe Shamu Munemoappearedbefore me, Trust Maanda,
a legalpractitioner, at Harare and changed his nameby notarial deed
from Kudakwashe Shamu Munemoto Kudakwashe Shamu.—Trust
NOTICE is hereby giventhat, by notarial deed of change of name
Maanda,c/o Maunga Maanda & Associates,legal practitioners, 71,
executed before me, Stella Rutsito, a legal practitioner and notary
Fifth Street/comer Aerodrome, Mutare. 280538f
public, appeared Tamiranashe Chorwira on behalf of the. minor
Zendaya Celeste Chorwira and assume on her behalf the name CHANGE OF NAME
Tadisa Zendaya Chorwira, which nameshall be usedin all records,
deeds, documents andall transactions whetherprivate or public.
TAKE notice that, on the 21st day of March, 2016, before me,
Dated at Harare this 11th day of July, 2016.— Stella Rutsito, c/o Milidzani Faith Masiye-Moyo, a legal practitioner and notary
Stella Rutsito, Dzoro & Partners Legal Practitioners, 66, Cork Road, public, at Bulawayo, personally came and appeared Fortune
‘Avondale, Harare, 280534f
Sibanda (born on 19th August, 1962) and changed his name from
CHANGEOF NAME Fortune Sibanda to Fortune Dambe which name shall be used in all
documents, records and other writings as well as in dealings and
TAKE notice that, on the 12th day of July, 2016, before me, transactions of whatsover nature. —Milidzani Faith Masiye-Moyo,
Maxwell Mavhunga, a legal practitioner and notary public, at Harare, legal practitioners, Suite 302, Third Floor, Treger House, Jason
appeared Adrian Mpofuin his personal capacity and abandoned the MoyoStreet/Eleveneeth & Twelfth Avenues, Bulawayo. 280662f