Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2016-06-10 number 33


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10th JUNE, 2016 Price US$2,00
Vol. XCIV, No. 33

General Notice 94 of 2016. CHANGE OF NAME

STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD TAKEnotice that, on the 20th day of May, 2016, before me,
Farai Mubangwa,a legal practitioner and notary public, appeared
Tenders Invited Mugwazeni Sithole (born on Lith June, 1983) and formally
abandoned the name MugwazeniSithole and adopted Macdonald
TENDERSmust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the Mugo Mugwazeni, so that, henceforth, for all purposes and occasions
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be he shall be known by the name Macdonald Mugo Mugwazeni.—
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the Farai Mubangwa, c/o Mubangwa & Partners, legal practitioners,
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board,Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, 303092f
No. 5, Frank Johnson Avenue, Eastlea, Harare.
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare. before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.

10-6-2016. Principal Officer, State ProcurementBoard.
NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
Tender number me, Frank Nyangani, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
TelOne FT.9877. Provision ofMedical Aid Services. Documents for Harare, on the 30th day of May, 2016, Ishmael Mharapara (born
the tender are obtainable upon paymentof a non-refundable on 10th June, 1979) did, in his capacity as the father and natural
fee ofUS$10,00,for each set ofbidding documents from the guardian of Tinotenda Chinyananya (born on 25th May, 2009),
Secretary Purchasing Committee, Tel-One (Private) Limited, Kudzai Joshua Chinyananya(born on 26th August, 2006), Tafadzwa
Praise Chinyananya (born on 25th April, 2008) and Nokutenda
Room 8S4, Runhare House, 107, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue,
Chinyananya (born on 13th June, 2013), and abandonthe surname
(P.O. Box CY 264, Causeway), Harare. The closing date is
Chinyananya and assumein its place Mharapara, which surname
12th July, 2016.
shall be used in all deeds, documents, records and transactions.—
Frank Nyangani, c/o Nyangani Law Chambers, Mezzanine 2,
General Notice 95 of 2016.
Century House West, 36, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare.

SpecialSitting CHANGEOF NAME

IT is herebynotified that the Chief Justice has, in terms ofsection NOTICEis hereby given that, on the 2nd day of June, 2016,
47 of the High Court Act [Chapter 7:03], directed the High Court to before me, Alex Mambosasa, a legalpractitioner and notary public,
appeared Bekitshe Mpofu (born on 19th April, 1973) who adopted
sit as a Victim Friendly Court at Harare Magistrates Court (Rotten
and added the second name Thandiweto her name and declared
Row)in a criminal matter between the State versus Bester Tembo
that in future she shall be knownonall occasions andin all deeds
on the 14th to the 16th of September, 2016. and documents andin all proceedings, dealings and transactions as
HON. R. MAKARAU JA, Bekitshe Thandiwe Mpofu.—Alex Mambosasa, c/o Mambosasa
10-6-2016. Secretary, Judicial Service Commission. Legal Practioners, 5, Crighton Road, Alexandra Park, Harare.
General Notice 96 of 2016.
NOTICEis hereby given that, on the Ist day of June, 2016,
Publication of Bill before me, Wesley Thabang Khanda, a notary public and legal
practitioner, came and appeared Constance Rufaro Nyazemain
THEfollowing Bill is published with this Gazette for general hercapacity as biological mother and legal guardian of Chantelle
information— Rukudzo Kapswara (born on 22nd September, 2010) who changed
her name to Chantelle Rukudzo Nyazema, which namesheshall
Land CommissionBill. 2016 (H.B. 2, 2016).
useatall times hereinafter andin all records. deeds, documents and
K.M.CHOKUDA, other writings, and inall actions, suits and proceedings, as well as
in all dealings and transactions and onall occasions whatsovever.—
10-6-2016. Clerk of Parliament.
Wesley Thabang Khanda, c/o Khanda & Co. Attorneys, Harare.