Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2015-10-23 number 76


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Vol. XCII, No. 76 23rd OCTOBER, 2015 Price US$2,00

General Notice 352 of 2015. sortedito Post Office Bux Number CY 408, Causeway, of delivered by hand tu the
Principal Officcr, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
GOLD TRADE ACT [CHAPTER 21:03] Samora Machel Avenue, [arare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.

Confiscated Gold 23-10-2015. Pruicipal Officer, State Procurement Board.

Tender number
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section27 of the Gold Trade
Act [Chapter 21:03], that the gold described in the Schedule which Zimpost 03/2015. Request for expression of interest to tender for
has been forfeited to the State, is in the possession of the Ministry the development supply and implementation ofan intergrated
of Mines and Mining Development. postal system. Interested bidders are required to obtain the
The gold may, by prior arrangement, be inspected by a person tender documentsthat consist of the instructions and scope
claiming a legal right to the gold at the Ministry of Mines and of work from The Procurement Officer, ZimpostHarare Main
Mining Development,Fifth Floor, Zimre Building, corner Kwame Post Office, Second Floor, Room 10, comer Inez ‘Letrace and
Nkrumah Avenue and Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, during the George Silundika Avenue, Harare. A non-refundable fee of
two months following the date of a publicationofthis notice. US$10,00 is paid in the Main Post Office before collection of
Any person claiming a legal right to any of this gold may apply, the tenderdocument. The closing date is 3rd November,2015.
in writing within two months from the date of publication ofthis
notice, to the Secretary for Mines and Mining development, Private General Notice 354 of 2015.
Bag 7709, Causeway, for delivery to him or her of such gold.
If no such person establishes a legal right to any of this gold INCOME TAX ACT [CHAPTER 23:06]
within the afore-mentioned period, it may be disposed of by the
Secretary for Mines and Mining Development in such manner as Declaration of Holder of Special Mining Lease as Approved.
the Minister may direct and may authorise in writing any person to Holder for Purposes of Exemption from Certain Taxes
sell such gold.
THE Minister ofFinance and Economic Development,in terms of
PROF. F. P. GUDYANGA, section 36 of the Income Tax Act (Chapter 23:06], hcreby declares
23-10-2015. Secretary for Mines and Mining Development.
Great Dyke Investments (Private) Limited to be an approved holder
SCHEDULE of a special mining lease with effect from 7th May, 2015, for
purposesofsections 30 and 32 of the Act in respect of non-resident
CONFISCATED GOLD tax chargeable on—
Case Description ofgold (a) fees payable to non-resident person for services performed
by them in connection with special mining lease operations,
State v Mashonganyika (S.M. 677510) 5,64 gm gold
State v M Tinashe (S.M. 677510) but not remuttances payable to the parent companyin respect
7,70 gm gold
of management services; and
State v L. Nyamasoka (S.M. 677510) 6,53 gm gold
State v R. Gwevera (S.M. 677511) 35,13 gm goid (b) royalties to any non-resident persons in connection with
State v T. Mbano (S.M. 677511) 19 gm gold special mining lease operations.
State v R. Dongo (S.M. 677511) 8,52 gm gold
State v S. Mhist (S.M. 677512) 15,568 gm gold HON. PATRICK CHINAMASA,
State v T. Muswe(SM. 677512)
23-10-2015. Minister of Finance and Reanomic Development.
2,82 gin gold
State v S, Petro (S.M, 677512) 20,51 gm gold
General Notice 355 of 2015.
Stale v B. Maidza (S.M. 677513) 31,62 ym gold
State vy Yaya Materiya (S.M. 677514) 14,616 kgs gold LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER20:12]
State v Unknown (S.M. 677515) 269,41 gm gold
Decision on the Application for Cancellation of Portions of
General Notice 353 of 2015. General Plan No. CG 2798 of Stands 6528-6555 Tynwald
STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD Township of Lot 20 of Tynwald: Salisbury District

FURTHER to the application notice which appeared as
Tenders Invited advertisement37 1538fin the Government Gazerte dated 14th August,
2015, the Minister of Lands and Resettlement, in terms ofsection
TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the 47(3) of the Land Survey Act (Chapter 20:12], herebygives notice
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be that he has consented to the cancellation ofportions of General Plan