Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2015-06-19 number 44


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Vol. XCIII, No. 44 19th JUNE, 2015 Price US$2,00

General Notice 189 of 2015. Dated at Bulawayothis 2nd June, 2015.—Solomon Mguni, c/o
Dube, Mguni & Dube, CIPF Centre, Bulawayo. 422724f
Tenders Invited
NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed of change of
TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the name, executed before me, Michael Tendai Nicholas Chingore, a
advertised tender number,description, closing date and must be posted in time to be notary public, at Harare, on the 9th June, 2015, personally came
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the
and appeared James Maminimini (bom on LSth June, 1955) who
changed his name from James Maminimini to James Maminimini
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
Manyathela.—Michael Tendai Nicholas Chingore, c/o Chingore &
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 am. onthe closing date.
Associates, Seventh Floor, Insurance Centre, 30, Samora Machel
C. NYANHETE, Avenue, Harare. 422633f
19-6-2015. Principal Officer, State Procurement Board.
Tender number
MOHCCY/FT/01/2015. Supply and delivery of motor cycles. Tender TAKE notice that, on the 8th June, 2015, Trinity Marvellous
documents can be obtained from the Ministry of Health and Child Masimba Ngwena appeared before me, Jacqueline Rufaro Uriri, a
Care, Offices 3-88 or 3-89, Third Floor, Kaguvi Building, cnr. Central legal practitioner and notary public, and changed his nameto Trinity
Avenue/Simon Vengai Muzenda Street, Harare, upon payment of a Holy, so that he shall be knownas Trinity Holy.—Jacqueline Rufaro
non-refundable fee of US$10,00. Bids from suppliers who do not buy Uriri, c/o Uriri Attorneys-at-Law, Fourth Floor, Construction House,
tender documentwill be rejected. The closing date is 21st July, 2015.
Harare. 4228 14f

General Notice 190 of 2015. CHANGE OF NAME

SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND ACT [CHAPTER22:20] NOTICE is hereby giventhat, by notarial deed of change of name,
executed before me, Karen Muyangwa, a notary public and legal
Appointment of Members to the Board of Directors ofthe practitioner, at Harare, on this 12th June, 2015, Thembalami Dube
Sovereign Wealth Fund of Zimbabwe (born on 20th January, 1987) appeared in his capacity and changed
his name to Thembalami Kudra Moyo,so that, henceforth, he shall
be known onall occasions by the name Thembalami Kudra Moyo.
IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Finance and Economic
Development,in terms of sections 5 and 6 ofthe Sovereign Wealth Dated at Harare this 12th day of June, 2015.—Karen Muyangwa,
Fund ofZimbabweAct[Chapter 22:20], has appointed the members c/o Muyangwa & Associates, legal practitioners, 80A, George
specified in the Schedule to be the:Sovercign Wealth Fund of Silundika Avenue, cnr Sixth Street, Harare. 422874f
Zimbabwe Board memberswith effect from the date of publication
ofthis notice in the Government Gazette, for a period ofthree years. CHANGE OF NAME
P. A. CHINAMASA(MP), TAKE notice that, on the 30th day of April, 2015, before me,
19-6-2015. Minister of Finance and Economic Development. Willard Tapfumanei Madzimbamuto, a legal practitioner and
SCHEDULE notary public, appeared Shephard Mandizvidza (bom on 3rd of
February, 1982), and changed his name to Shephard Murefu, so
Dr. Kombo J. Moyana: Chairman that, henceforth, for all purposes and occasions he shall be known
Ms Vimbayi Nyemba: Vice Chairperson by the name Shephard Murefu.
Mr Nicholas M. Vingirayi: Member Dated at Harare this 30th day ofApril, 2015.—Willard Tapfumanei
Mr Nicholas Ncube: Member Madzimbamuto, c/o Nyikadzino, Simango & Associates, legal
MsSithembile P. Plilime: Member practitioners, No. 3, Atkinson Drive, Hillside, Harare. 422836f

NOTICEis hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before
TAKE notice that, on the 2nd of June, 2015, Sichelesile Moyo me, Denford Halimani, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
(born on Lst March, 1975) as the mother andlegal guardian of Lindah Harare, on the 27th day of May, 2015, appeared Lynn Victoria
Thandolwenkosi Mpala (born on 12th of July, 2000) appeared before Mariyapera (born on 25th July, 1993), in her own capacity and
me, Solomon Mguni, a legal practitioner, to have her daughter’s changed her nameto Lynn Victoria Kanjanda, so that, henceforth,
name changed to Lindah Thandolwenkosi Nkomo, which name for all records, deeds, documents, transactions, and for all purposes
she shall use in all actions and transactions of whatsoever nature. and occasions she shall be known by such name.