Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2013-08-02 number 63

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General Notice 377 of 2013. General Notice 379 of 2013.

Appointment and Licensing of Bonded Warehouse Application for Registration of a Trade Union: Zimbabwe
Footwear Tanners and Allied Workers Union
IT is hereby notified that the Commissioner-General of the
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has, in terms of section 68 of the (IT is hereby notified in terms of section 33 of the Labour Act
Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02], appointed as a bonded [Chapter 28:01}, that an application has been received for the
warehouse, the warehouse specified in the Schedule for the registration of Zimbabwe Footwear Tanners and Allied Workers Union
warehousing and securing of goods without payment of duty and to represent the interests of employees specifiedin the Schedule.
other charges. Any person who wishes to make any representations relating
G.T. PASI, to the applicationis invited to lodge suchrepresentations with the
2-8-2013. Commissioner-General, Registrar of Labourat Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. of the publication ofthis notice, and state whetherhe or she wishes
to appearin support of such representations at any accreditation
Name andlocation of warehouse Description of warchouse
2-8-2013. Acting Registrar of Labour.
Afrisun Marketing (Private) Limited. Being a warehouse that will be used SCHEDULE
Bay 21, No. 247, Williams Way, for warehousing and securing of
Msasa, goods under bond. The warehouse The interests of employees in grades A, B, C, D, E, F, G and Hin
Harare. measures (O nex 12 mwith tee the leather, footwear, tanners, canvas andtravel goodsindustry.
sides brick wall and one side
madeup of steel wire under
General Notice 380 of 2013. a .
asbestos roofing.
General Notice 378 of 2013.
Declaration of the Protection of Harare Wetlands
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 113(1) ofthe
Decision on the Application for Cancellation ofthe Whole of
Gencral Plan No. BG3485 of Stands 146~155 Hogerty Hill Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20-27], that the Minister
Townshipof Stand 104 Hogerty Hill Township ofLot 2 of has declared the land described in the Schedule as wetlands
Hogerty Hill A: Salisbury District (hereinafter in this notice referred to as “Harare Scheduled
FURTHER to the application notice of which appeared as
The coordinates in the Schedule are given to the nearest three
advertisement 492778fin the Government Gazette dated 2 Ist June,
metres. The coordinates and locations describedin the Schedule arc
2013, the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, in terms of
section 47(3) of the Land Survey Act {Chapter 20:12\, hereby gives
indicated on the Wetland MapofHarare (scale {:30 000), available
notice that he has consentedto the cancellation of the Whole of forinspection by members of the public at the following offices of
General Plan No. BG3485 representedbyStands [46-155 Hogerty the Environmental Agencyduring normal working hours — (Harare
Hill Township of Stand 104 Hogerty Hill Township of Lot 2 of Office, Block |, Makombe Complex, corner Herbert Chitepo Avenue
Hogerty Hill A anddefined by the following beacons: 104A, 104B, and Harare Street). 7
104C, 104D, 104E, K16X, NK 17 and 104A, situate in the district [eis important to note thatprivate owners of land cited in the Schedule
of Safisbury.
andtheir proprietaryrights will not be violated by this declaration.

2-8-2013 Surveyor-General. 2-8-2013. Ministerof Environmentand Natural Resources.