Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2013-07-12 number 56



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Vol. XCI, No. 56 12th JULY, 2013 Price US$2,00

G eneral N otice 365 of 2013. M oyo C lilopasi F Z A PU
M oyo M hlupheki A rthur M MDC
L A BO U R A C T [CHAPTER 28:01] M pofu Sam uel M C TD
N dlovu Jabulani M ZA PU
A pplication for R egistration of a T rade U nion: M id land s State
U niversity L ecturers A ssociation G w eru U rban C him om be T adius T. M IN D EPEN D EN T
O w atidzo C hristopher N . M Z A N U (PF)
IT is hereby notified, in term s of section 33 of the L abour A ct M pofu E m nah S . M ZA PU
[Chapter 28:01], that an apphcation has been received for the M uchovo T heresa F MDC
registration of M idlands State U niversity L ecturers A ssociation to Z vidzai Sesel M MDC
represent of A cadem ic E m ployees em ployed to lecture and research M ntare N orth K aitano D aniel M MDC
by M idlands State U niversity.
M ukw ishu Irim ai M M D C -T
A ny person w ho w ishes to m ake any representations relating
Peiiiienai B atsiiayi John K . M ZA N U (PF)
to the application is invited to lodge such representations w ith the
R egistrar of L abour at C om pensation H ouse, at the com er of Fourth Sham va C hidavaenzi Isaac S. M M D C -T
Street and C entral A venue, H arare, or post them to Private B ag 7707, N orth G oche N icholas T. M Z A N U (PF)
C ausew ay, w ithin 30 days of the publication of this notice and to
state w hether or not he or she w ishes to appear in support of such M arondera C hihota C onstance F MDC
representations at any accreditation proceedings. W est G w anzura C henjeiai M M .K .D
M uchetw a M acdonald M M D C -T
N .N .S IM A N G O ,
M utinhiii A m brose M ZA N U (PF)
12-7-2013. A cting R egistrar of L abour.
Sam uriw o U chaona M IN D EPEN D EN T

G eneral N otice 366 o f 2013. C hikom ba C him baira G oodrich M MDC
C entral D enga Pinieal M M D C -T
M ho na Felix T. M Z A N U (PF)

N ational A ssem bly E lections: W ithdraw al of C andidature D ub e D um ezw eni M IN D EPEN D EN T
Insiza South
M afu D um isam ahubo M ZA PU
IT is hereby notified, in term s of section 49 of the E lectoral A ct N cube Siyabonga M M CD
[Chapter 2:13],ihal. the persons specified below have w ithdraw n their N kom o M alach M ZA N U C PF)
candidature in the respective N ational A ssem bly constituencies— Sibanda N kululeko M M D C -T
Candidate Party Constituency Jaboon Jeppy
B ikita South M Z A N U (PF)
C hingosho C hristopher Peter IN D EPE N D E N T H eadlands M unhuw am am bo Pliibeon MDC
D ube Leonard IN D EPE N D E N T N kayi South V arandeni Jani M M D C -T
M abukw a Passm ore IN D EPE N D E N T G w eru U rban
M adiro M ichael IN D E PE N D EN T M utare N orth L . C . SE KE R A M A Y I,
M atibiri A nderson MDC Sham va N orth 12-7-2013 C hief E lections O fficer.
M avunga R ichard G odfrey IN D EPE N D E N T M arondera W est
M ujuru R um bidzai IN D E PE N D E N T C hikom ba C entral G eneral N otice 367 of 2013.
N tandokayiphikisw a N dlela M D C -T Insiza South
U yoyo Shylet IN D E PE N D EN T B ikita South STA TE PR O C U R E M EN T B O A R D
T hecandidates for H eadlands, N kayiSouth.G w eruU rb an,M iitai'e
T enders Invited
N orth, Sham va N orth, M arondera W est, C hikom ba C entral, Insiza
South and B ikita South are now as follow s—
T E N DE R S m ust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside w ith the
advertised tender nutnbei, description, closing date and m ust be posted in tim e to be
Constituency Candidate’s name Sex Political party sorted into Post O ffice B ox N um ber C Y 408, C ausew ay, or delivered by hand to the
Principal O fficer, State Procurem ent B oard, Fifth Floor, O ld R eserve B ank B uilding,
H eadlands G oneso C anaan M MDC Sam ora M achel A venue, H arare, before 10.00 a.m . on the closing date.

M utasa D idym us N oel E . M Z A N U (PF) C .N YA N HE T E,
12-7-2013. Principal O fficer, State Procurem ent B oard.
T ekeshe D avid M M D C -T
Tender number

N kayi South B hebhe A bednico M M D C -T R D S.O l of 2013. Supply and delivery of lorries.

M athe Stars M Z A N U (PF) R D S.02 of 2013. Supply and delivery of pneum atic tyred tractor