Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2013-07-05 number 53

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Vol. XCI, No. 53 Sth JULY, 2013 .
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General Notice 354 of 2013. in a south-westerly direction for a distance of
180,28mto point H grid reference (TR 8703
2700) then due west for a distance of 300m to
point I grid reference (TR 8673 2700). Then
ACT (CHAPTER25:11} in a north-westerly direction for a distance of
41,23mto pow J grid reference (TR 8672 2704)
Declaration of National Monuments: National Heroes Acre, then in a north- westerly direction for a distance
Sikombela Restriction Camp, Harare Provincial Heroes" of 161,25m to point K grid reference (TR 8664
Acre, Matabeleland South Provincial Heroes Acre, Bulawayo 2718). Then in a north-westerly direction for
Provincial Heroes Acre, Mashonaland Central Provincial Heroes a distance of 80,62m to point L grid reference
(TR 8657 2722). Then due north for a distance
Acre, Mashonaland East Provincial Heroes Acre. Mashonaland of 10,0mto point Mgrid reference (TR 8657
West Provincial Heroes Acre and Midlands Provincial Heroes 2723). Then in a north-westerly direction for a -
Acre distance of 176,92m to point N grid reference
(FR 8644 2735) then in a north-westerly
direction for a distance of 240,66m to point O
IT is hereby notified that the Ministers of Home ‘Affairs, on
grid reference (TR 8654 2757). Thenin a south-
recommendation of the Trustees of the National Museums and
westerly direction for a distance of 41,23mto
Monuments, have in terms section 20 of the National Museums and point P grid reference (TR 8635 2756) then ina
Monuments Act [Chapter 25:11], declared the monuments descnbed north-easterly directionfor a distance of 53,85m
hereunder to be national monuments. - to point Q grid reference (TR 8660 2761). Then
K.C. D. MOHADI, in a south-easterly direction for a distance of
5-7-2013 Hon. Minister of HomeAffairs. 58,31mtopointR eridreference (TR 8665 2758)
then in a north-easterly direction for a distance
T. MAKONE, of 533.10m to point S grid reference (TR 8686
5-7-2013 Hon. Minister.of HomeAffairs. 2807). Then in a north-westerly direction for a
distance of 156,52m to point T grid reference
SCHEDULE (TR 86722814)then inanorth-westerlydirection
for a distance of 107,70m backtothe starting
NATIONAL MONUMENTS point A on map sheet 1730 D4 ofthe 1:50 000
map series and on map sheet TR8427 of the
Name of monument Description ofmoruanent
1:5 000 mapseries.
National Heroes Acre Nationa] HeroesAcreis a burial ground andnational
monument in Harare. The 49 495 hectares site Sikombela Restriction Sikombela Nationalist Detention Campislocated on
is situated on a ridge 7 kilometres from Harare Camp Farm 45 Chemagora Purchase Areainthe District
along the main Harare-Bulawayo road. The - of Gokwe. Starting at point A this being grid
shrine is 4 national monument of Zimbabwe to reference (44564689)proceedin a south-easterl y
commemorate those who fell in the struggle for directionfor a distance of 89,50mto point B grid
national liberation and the contemporary and reference (4464 4687) then in a south-easterly
future sons and daughters of Zimbabwe whose direction for a distance of 90,44m to point C
dedication and commitment to the nation justify grid reference (4467 4679). Thensoutherly for
their burial at this sacred spot. a distance of 110,00m to point D grid reference
(4467 4668)then in a south-westerly direction
This area is 49.495 hectares. Starting at point fora distance of 76.42m to pointE grid reference
A, this being grid reference (TR 8668 2824) (4462 4663). Thenin a north-westerly direction
proceed due east for a distance of 20,0m to foradistance of 73,76mto point Fgridreference
point B grid reference (TR 8670 2824) then (44554664)then ina north-westerly direction for
in a north-easterly direction for a distance of a distance of 112,20m to point G grid reference
233,45 m to poimt C grid reference (TR 8693 (4448 4673) then in a north-easterly direction
2828) Then in a north-easterly direction or a for a distance of 180,70mbackto the starting
distance of 150,33mto point D grid reference point A on mapsheet 1829 C2 ofthe 1:50 000
(TR 8708 2829) then due south fora distance of miap series.
320m to point E grid reference (TR8708 2797).
Thenin a south-westerly direction fora distance Harare Provincial Harare Provincial Heroes Acreis situated in the:
of 352.28mto point F grid reference (TR 8704 Heroes Acre WarrenPark District of Harare. This area being
2762) then due south for a distance of 440mto 3,830hectares. Starting at pointA ,thisbeing grid
point G grid reference (TR8704 2718). Then reference (TR 8496 2821). proceed in a north-