Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2012-07-03 number 30

MENT Published by Authority
Vol. XC, No. 30 Ist JUNE, 2012 Price US$2,00

General Notice 178 of 2012. : 2. Adolph Investments (Private) Limited:
_ 3. Albachik Investments (Private) Limited.
STATE PROCUREMENTBOARD 4. Backville Marketing (Private) Limited.
Tenders Invited 5. Bilspring Trading (Private) Limited. :
—_e . 6. Bralyn LithoPrinters (Private) Limited.
TENDERSmustbeenclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsedon the outside with the 7, Bunsay Trading (Private) Limited. _
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time tobe . 8. Certchart Investments (Private) Limited.
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway,or delivered by handto the 9. Chalphott & Bollings (Private) Limited.
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, ‘10 Chatterlink (Private) Limited. -
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date. . 11. -Chatterlink (Private) Limited. :

C.NYANHETE, 12. Classifield Investments (Private) Limited. ~
- 1-6-2012. Principal Officer, State Procurement Board. 13. Comerth Investments (Private) Limited. ~
Tendernumber : 14. Dekford Enterprises (Private) Limited.
- PWT/03/2012: Supply, delivery and installation of aconverged 15. DGM Investments (Private) Limited.
billing CRM system. 1S Doch mes boonebe Corny o .
. Drenel Distibutors (Private) Limited.
PWT/07/2012. Supply,delivery and installation ofa contact centre 18. Druncass Trading (Private) Limited.
, system. 19. Dryford Enterprises (Private) Limited.
. PWT/04/2012. Supply and delivery of mobile WiMaxsolution: 20. Easyfile Systems (Private) Limited.
PWT/02/2012. CDMA800 Mhz Rev A network expansion. 21. Formnet Investments (Private) Limited.
PWT/01/2012. Excavation of cable trenchesand layingof ducts/ ° 22. Gaincliff Investments(Private) Limited.
pipes andall ancilliary works. 23. .Gannonberg Investments (Private) Limited.
PWT/08/2012. Supply and delivery of CDMA EVDO modems. oo GtecsinsPeteseyLanited
Tender documents are obtainable upon paymentof a non- 6. Holdfair Investments (Private) Limited.
refundable deposit fee of US$10,00 from the Procurement 27. Inditex Investments(Private) Limited
Office, Powertel Communications (Private) Limited,Twelfth 28. K & Sons Agencies (Private) Limited.
_ Floor, Kopje Plaza, 1, Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare. 29, Kimsley Entetprises(Private) Limited
_ Closing dateis 3rd July, 2012. 30. Laboursave Investments (Private) Limited.
31. Limbury Trading (Private) Limited.
General Notice 179 of 2012. 32. Lucotty Computrs (Private) Limited. :
PROCUREMENT ACT { CHAPTER 22:14 33. Mazongororo Paper Converters (Private) Limited.
34. Michwide Enterprises (Private) Limited.
ApprovedList of Suppliers rs. NextBigEnversprises Pa Olin: 4
— 36. Paragon business Forms(Private) Limited.
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section. 25(1) of the 37. Planas Trading (Private) Limited.
Procurement Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument 171 of 2002), 38. Plotters Enterprises (Private) Limited, trading: Plotters
that the companieslisted in the Schedule are approved tenderers for Bookshop.
the supply and delivery of stationery with effect from ist June, 39. Prompt Printers (Private) Limited.
2012 to 31st May,2013. 40. Pushpin Investments (Private) Limited.
". Anyotherinterested suppliers may apply to the State Procurement 41. Rocktwist Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Board for inclusion on thelist. 42. Rolball Investments(Private) Limited.
In termsofsection 25(3)of the Procurement Regulations, 2002, 43. Rosendene Enterprises (Private) Limited.
the Board reserves the right to add or-temove:from the list any 44. Ruk-Ish (Private) Limited.
person whom the Board considers no longer suitable to undertake 45. Ruk-Ish (Private) Limited. Cot
Governmentcontracts. 46. Sable Press (Private) Limited..
neatnotice amends General Notice 46 of ond March, 2012, by 47. Saiflex
48. Marketing (Private)
Satlish Enterprises (Private)Limited.
the addition ofthe listed suppliers. 49. Serbs Enterprises (Private) Limited
C.NYANHETE, 50. Serda Investments (Private) Limited.
Principal Officer, 51. Sivaya Investments(Private) Limited.
1-6.2012. State Procurement Board. 52. Sugarcoat Investments (Private) Limited.
SCHEDULE | a Sunbury Investments (Private) Limited.
. The Sales Arena (Private) Limited: a »
1.. Abachik Investments (Private) Limited.