Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2012-05-25 number 28

‘ Published by Authority.

Vol XC, No. 28 25th MAY, 2012 PriceUSS2,00

General Notice 174 of 2012. along the distict boundary to its junction‘with the westem boundary of
STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD the Adam’sFann, thennorth westwardsalongthe district boundary tothe
” re 1265 where it goeswestwardsto the south eastem
Tenders Invited then northwards along. the’district boundary
‘comerofthe:Brown’s farm, thengenerally westwards
along ‘the district boundary,‘then. south westwards from ‘St. Patricks’s'to a
TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the point near-Gwenagunimountains, then north ‘westwards along the district
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must.be posted in time to be
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway,or delivered by hand to the boundary toitsjunction:with the north eastem comerof Nalatal mins where
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, it ‘further stretches-north westwards alongtthe district boundary up-toits
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date. : junction with the De Beers road, then southwards to its junction with Dan-
C. NYANHETE, dasi farm.where it further stretches generally northwards alongthe district
25-5-2012. Principal Officer,StateProcurementBoard. boundary:and acrossthe Bulawayo’to Hararerailway line-to the northem
Tender number comerof Pongomemorial, then southwestwardsalongthedistrict bound-
ary, then generally wards across Shangani:‘Tiyabetsi daim‘and-along
: SIRDC.01/2011. Supply anddelivery of 1x60-63 sedtersemi-hixury
staff-bus. Documents for. the tender. are ‘obtainable.upon Shangani rivertoits j ion withthefirst northem comer of Joseph block
payment of a non-refundable fee of US$10,00,‘ from’ the farmthen:southwestwards along thedistrict‘boundary to thesouth eastem
Chairman, Procurement Committee, SIRDC, 1574, Alpes of Lyn’sfarm, thennorth westwardsalong the:district boundary to
Road; Hatcliffe, Harare, not Jater than 10:00 am. on the emcomer of the Lyn’s8 farm, thenfurther northwards along
closing date. The closing date is 26th June, 2012. ~ the district boundary tothe last northem comerof Joseph block farm, then
generally:‘south.westwards along Insangu river. which is also the: district
General Notice 175. of 2012. boundary tothe first: western comer of Joseph. block farm then generally
TRADITIONAL LEADERS ACT [CHAPTER 29:17) southeastwards ’alongthe southwestern boundary: of‘Joseph. block which
is thedistrict boundary.tothe southern comer ofJoseph blockfarm ‘where
it further stretches’south westwardsalong thé west boundary of Bulawayo
Description of the Resettlement Area under ChiefJshana,Tnsiza
syndicate. block, then further westwards alongthe. district boundary to, the,
a District in Matabeleland:South Province... .
‘northena comer ‘of Judsonia: estate, then southcastwarts along the district _
WHEREAS, by section 29 ofthe Traditional Leaders Act[Chapter boundary tothenorth western Comer.of Insangu estate, then southwards
29:17), it is provided that, after consultation with the Rural District along thewesternboundary ofthe sameproperty toits northemjunction with
Allendale estate and further stretch southwards along the district boundary,
Council and the Chief of the area concerned, ‘the Minister may,
then south eastwards and south westwards along the’ district boundary to
by notice in the Government Gazeffe declare that any-area for |
its junction of the: north western corner with Greenlands farm, then north
resettlementland shall fall under the authority of such Chief as he westwards along the district boundary toits junctionwith the north western
may notify in the notice. comerof Lochard estate, then south eastwards alongthe western boundary
AND WHEREAS,the provisions of section 29(1) have been of the same property to its junction ‘with the Bulawayo to Harare railway
complied with; line; thensouth westwards along the railway line to the westem comerof
Longila farm, then south eastwards along the south west boundary of the
AND WHEREAS,the Insiza Rural District Council and Chief same ‘property which is also the district boundary to the noxth west comer
Jahana have been consulted as to the exercise of the saidpowers of Rouxville farm where it leaves the district boundary and stretches north
provided in section 29(1) of the Act; eastwards alongthenorth westemboundary ofRouxvillefarmand Innisfallen
NOW, THEREFORE, underand by virtue of the powers vested estate tothe north western comer of Flack Happy farm where it tumssouth
eastwards along the western boundary of the same property toits junction
in the Minister as aforesaid, I do hereby alter the Chief Jahana
with Jama river, then eastwards along the south western boundary of Blink
boundaries, as set out in the Schedulein terms set out in section 29.
bony estate to the south east comer of Thorndale farm, then eastwards along
northem boundariesof Riversdale and Engomeni farms, tothe north western
corner of Albany farm,then south eastwards along the same boundary ofthe
Minister of Local Government,
25-5-2012. Urban and Rural Development. same property to the westem cornerof Shangani Heights, and further south
eastwardsalongthe south westernboundary ofShangani Heightstoitsjunction
ScHeDuLs with the north western comerofNelly’s viei farm,then south westwards along
DESCRIPTION OF THE RESETTLEMENT AREA UNDER CHIEF the westem boundary of Wolfs Craig farm 10its junction with the northern
JAHANA,INSIZA DISTRICT IN MATABELELAND SOUTH PROVINCE boundary of the Pioneer blockfarm,then north westwards along the Pioneer
block fann boundary, generally south eastwards along the westem boundary
It is an area of land demarcated by a line drawn from the junction of Umt- of the Pioneer block farm and Regina ruins, Vishia, Infiningwe and Dwala
shingweriverand the eastemdistrict boundary then stretches north-eastwards farm,then north eastwards along the southern boundary of Dwala and south