Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2011-12-30 number 68

“Vol LXXXIX,No.68
_TTishereby notifiedforpublicinformationthattheTableofCoitents _ situate indistrictof
| of Retreat
oftheZimbabwean GovetumentGazetteforthe23rdDecember,2011. “ measuring,sixJbundred and twenty-four ec
comma five zero
- containedan error.. ,
“2. TheTable ofContetitsis5 cétrectedbythe "DeedofTransfer 1011/86,registeredin thenaras
12 ofGeorge oe
— ile statutoryiinstrument. ee
:Kileff.and SonsPrivate) Limited,in respect of certain piece
Vf.landsituate ii o
n e district:of
f. Salisbury, being Remaining wale

ituate inthedistrict ofSalisbury, being Lot9.of.Hatfield - fo
. Estate, measuringone‘hundred:and fortyeccommathree eight eg
ealedenvelopes,endorsed onthe outside withthe > zerofive 40,33801»)bestates.
“vist advertised tender niimber, description, closingdate'and must be postedin tine to be
-).-sorted into Post Officé BoiNumber.CY-408, Causeway,-or delivered by hand to the
- Principal Officer, State ProcurementBoard, Fifth Floor, Old Réserve Bank Buiting,
J eSSamora Machel et Aveme,Hara, beforre 10.00 ‘ losingdate. : :

SS oman. *-Principal Officer, State aBoard.
ammie, Mercy.Vongai Cheninbedpractitionerand notarypubli, .
. | at Harare,on the20th dayofDecember; 2011, came~and appeared*
Tender number: pgs .
oye Ndabakayipheli Kundai (born on 6th ofMay,1988).anddid‘abandon :
a ZESA/PWT/09/201 1. supply ‘and delivery of CDMAhandset “.,> thesumnameKundaiand’assunie in itsplace and stead|Hlorgwane,80.
Cs ZESAIPWT/6/2011. ‘Engaginga debt collecting’agent. ». Nh ‘that, heshall henceforth;be knownand referredtoas Ndabakayipbel
“Kundai Hlongwatle«onall occasions and in allrecords. *
~ Tender documents are obtainable upon: payment. ofa
-“gefundable‘fee of. US$10,00 ‘from Procurement Office, fo oe DatedatHarareonthis20thdayofDecember,2011—MereyVongai ‘4
iza, clo MV ChizodzaChineunyelegal Practitioners,53, Herbert
“ Powertel Communications (Private) Limited, TwelfthFloor, |”
“-KopjePlaza, FeeeeDe Harare, 4 : Chitepo Aven,Bs Belvedere Harare 2“3260008.
. » The closing dateiis:3 Ist(January, 2012.

bs Goneral Notice’594.of2011. . ees
. _EAND ACQUISITIONACT(CHAPTER220:10). “NOTICE ishereby given» that weintendto dpaiy for2a certified &
“copy ofDéed ofTransfer9826/2002,registeredon27th September, °
Vernof Lend Taking of Materialsand Exercise of
Right : : 2002,:in favourofBlemingNekati(born on-30th June, 1972).and-
|GraceNekati (bornGh10thNovember,1974);over certainpieceof.
“landsituatein thedistrictof SalisburybeingStand208Glen Lorne|...
: NOTICE;isheieby given,iinterns5 ofsection 81) ofthe Land: “Township8 ofLot40AGlen Lome, measuring5 527square:metres. ~~.
‘Acquisition Act[Chapter 20:10], thatthePresident has acquired |.
compulsorily the’ fand describediina the| Schedule. ‘forurban All personshaving anyobjectionsto, or ishingto make-any. ©:
Gevelopment, De J . fepresentations in. connexion with, the issue ofsuchcopy,‘are. °.”
pRB ~ | chéreby required to’ lodgesame, in, writing, with‘the Registrar of": :
"| Deeds, at Harare,within’ 14 days after the dateofpublication of °-...
: 3042-2011 “1 athisnotice:—~Nyamushaya, Kasuso &Rubaya, legal Practitioners,or
: Third Floor,Tsungayifi Bullding162,“HarareStreet, Harare. een
S06 |
. : : 1 Deedof Transfer 1723/76,registerediinthenu
Retreat- : :"LostDEEDOF TRANSFER.
“Farm(Private) Limited, in respect ofcertain piece of land
me Situate in‘the districtof Salisbury, being. Remaindetof NOTICEiishereby §given thatwe intendto applyfefora certified
. «|. ‘Subdivision A’of Retreat, measuring’six hundred andten” “Sopy of DeedofTransfer: 7624/2001, ‘dated31st of July; 2001,"
oecomma zero seven four one° (610.0074» hectares, a Passed. in
infavour.of Jencan
n.AgenciesPrivate)Limited for|the