Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2011-10-14 number 53


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Published by Authority

Vol. LXXXIX, No. 53 14th OCTOBER, 2011 Price US$2,00
General Notice 430 of 2011. Ash content % mass D482 0.01
Distillation D86
PETROLEUM ACT [CHAPTER 13:22] 90% volume 362
FBP 400
Conductivity PS/M D2624 100
Basic Specification for Imported Fuel Sediment . % mass D1796 0.01
Total acid number Mg/100ml D974 0.5
IT is hereby notified that the Petroleum Regulatory Authority Strong acid number Mg/100mi D974 0
Board has, in tenns of section4(l )(c) of thePetrdeum Act [Chapter
13:22\, set the specification for diesel that can be used in Zimbabwe UNLEADED PETROL—PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS
at no more than 5(X)ppm of sulphur and for petrol at a maximum of
0.008g/l of lead. Units Method Min specs M axsp^
It is further specified that the sale of petrol in Smbabwe shall
meet the standard of minimum RON rating of 93. No oxygenates Appearance visual Bright and Bright and
shall be permitted. clear clear
It is further notified that all fuel, either imported or blended, shall
be subject to tests to determine whether it is within the required Oclour visual Red/ Red/orange
specifications. orange
Density at 20 deg C Kg/L D1^ 0.7107 0.7600
Eveiy importer of fuel shall be required to produce a certificate
Octane Number. Research (RON) D2699 93.0
of quahty as specified by these provisions:
Octane Number, Motor(MON) D2700 83.0
Provided that the prohibition shall not apply to fuel required Lead Content gPb/L D3346 0.008
for mdustiial use, which exceeds the specifications and for which Existent Gum mg/100ml D381 4
a written authority has been granted by the Authority. Induction period minutes D525 240
The effective date of specifications will be the date of publication Distillaiion D86
of this notice. l.B.R Deg C 38 typical Report
10% (v/v) evaporated Deg C 65
Any person wishing to make representations in this matter should 50% (v/v) evaporated Deg C 77 115
lodge them, in writing, with the Secretary for Energy and Power
90%(v/V) evaporated Deg C 185
Development, Chaminuka Building, comer of Fourfli Street and
% evaporated at 70 deg C % voi/vol Report Report
Central Avenue, Harare, orpost themto PrivateBag7758, Causeway.
F.B.P. deg C 215
The detailed product specifications are as set out in the Schedule Residue % vol/vol 2.0
E. MANGOMA, RVP at 37.8 deg C kPa D323 45 75
14-10-2011. Minister of Energy and Powa: Development. Sulphur content % mass D1266 0.10
Copper strip ccwrosion D130 1.0
Sc h e d u l e (3hrs@ 100 degC)
Mercaptan sulphur % mass D3227 0.0015
GascMI (DIESEL) Total acidity mgKOH/g D664 0.03
Product Specifications Benzene %vol En238 5.0
Olefins %vol' D1319 18.0
Units Method Specification Oxygenates-Methanof %voi D4815 Nil <0.2
Oxygenates-Ethanol %vol D4815 Nil <0.2
Min Max
Oxygenates-lso Propyl Alcohol %vol D4815 Nil <0.2
Ctensity at Kg/[ D1298 0.8161 0.6656
Oxygenates-lso Bu^ Alcohol %vol D4815 Nit < 0.2
Colour D1500 0.5 2
Oxygenates-Tfert Butyl Alcohol %vol D4815 Nil < 02 !
Vsuai Bright & Bright &
Oxygenates-Ethers (MTBE) %mass D4815 Nil <0.2
dear clear
Total Oxygen Content %vot D4815 Nil < 0.2
Cetane Number D4737 45.0
Aromatics %vol D1319 40
Sulphur % mass D1266 0.05
Doctor test D4952 Negative Negative
Flash point D93 57
Vlfeter Tolerance %vo! SABS 299 <0.2
Wnematic viscosity at 40®C Centistokes D445 1.7 5.3
Water Content %vol D6304
V^ter content % volume D95 0.05
Copper strip corrosion (3hrs at 100“C) D130 1.0
CFPP (oct-march) IP309 3
***NB>Oxygenates shall not exceed max limits. Peciaratlon of absence shall
Carbon residue, Ramsbotiwn {10% %mass D524 0.2
be made)
distillation residue)