Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2010-08-20 number 58


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Vol. LXXXVHYI, No. 58 20th AUGUST,2010 Price US$2,00

Genera) Notice 231 of 2010. 5, Gerling-Global Reinsurance Company of South Africa
6. Cologne Reinsurance Company of South Africa Limited.
De-registered Insurance Companies
Insurance Brokers—
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 22(1)(a)(x) of the Agriculture and General Insurance Brokers(Private) Limited.
Wen AnbRwWN -

Insurance Act [Chapter 24:07], the following insurance companies
Associated Brokers International.
have been de-registered—
Bliss Insurance Brokers.
Short Term Insurance Companies— Cameron Insurance Brokers.
Central African Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
1. Alfa Insurance Company. Corporate Insurance Brokers Zimbabwe(Private) Limited.
Agriculture Insurance Company.

Dimension Insurance Brokers,
Al Futtaim (Private) Limited. A. Dudhia & Company (Private) Limited.
CGU (Commercial Union Insurance Company ofZimbabwe). Dynamic Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
General Accident Insurance Company (Zimbabwe) Limited. 10. Excelsior Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
Lion of ZimbabweInsurance Company. 11. International Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
12. Key Insurance Brokers.
Lloyds Underwriters.
13. Legend Insurance Brokers.
National Insurance Company of Zimbabwe. 14. Lighthouse Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
9. Newday Insurance Company. 15. Living Waters Insurance Brokers.
10. Orion Insurance Company(Private) Limited. 16. Loose-ends Insurance Brokers.
11. Restcel Insurance Company(Private) Limited. 17. Mandisa Insurance Brokers.
12. Standard General Insurance Company. 18. Medlife Insurance Brokers.
19. Morpac Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
Life Assurance Companies— 20. Online Insurance Brokers.
Commercial Union Assurance Company. 21. Pilgrim Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.

22. Precise Insurance Brokers.
Friends Provident Life Office. 23. Progroup Insurance Brokers.
Guardian Assurance Company. 24. Sable Assurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
Manufactures Life Assurance Company. 25. Summit Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
National Mutual Life Association of Ausraliasia. 26. Tommaz Insurance Brokers.
Norwich Union Life Insurance Company. 27. Unique Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited.
Pearl Assurance Company. 28. Vital Insurance Brokers
Protea Life Assurance Company.
Prudential Assurance Company. Commissionerof Insurance,
Regal Life Assurance Company. 20-8-2010. Pension and Provident Funds.

Universal Life Assurance Company.
General Notice 232 of 2010.
Funeral Assurance—
1. Chengetedzo Funeral Assurance Company.
2. Future Funeral Assurance (Private) Limited, Registered Insurance Companies
3. Memorial Funeral Assurance Company (Private) Limited.
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 10 of the Insurance
4. Oak Grave Funeral Assurance.
Act (Chapter 24:07], the following insurance companies have been
5. Serenity Funeral Assurance. registered in termsof section 9(2)(b) of the Insurance Act [Chapter
1, Hollandia Reinsurance Company. 1. Jupiter Insurance Company (Private) Limited.
2. Munich Reinsurance Company. 2. Regal Insurance Company (Private) Limited.
3. Swiss South Africa Reinsurance Company Limited. M.S. MPOFU,
4 Mercantile and General Reinsurance Company of South Commissioner of Insurance,
Africa Limited. 20-8-2010. Pension and Provident Funds.