Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2008-10-24 number 97


‘Published by Authority oy

"Vol: LXXXVI, No.,97 24th OCTOBER, 2008 =. Price$1200,00
ek ( -
. General Notice 120 of 2008. ‘CHANGE OF NAME
‘ LABOUR ACT [CHAPT.ER 28:01] TAKE notice that, on the 8th day of October, 2008, Chekuda
.Chinoda appeared before me, John Mutonono,a legal practitioner
“Application for Registration.of an Employers Organization: and notary public, and changed her name to Grace Maposa.
‘Community Newspapers Association of Zimbabwe.
Datedat Harare this18th dayofOctober,2008,—John Mutonono,
It is hereby notified,in termsof section 33 of the Labour Act clo Chadyiwa & Associates, 166, Chinhoyi Street, Harare.405297f
[Chapter 28:01), that-an application has been received for the
registration of the Community Newspapers Association of Zimba-
bwe which represents the interest of Community Newspaper Pub-
: lishers. ‘TAKEnotice that, on the 6th day of August, 2008,before me,
Any person who wishesto make representations relating to the Thembinkosi Magwaliba, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
-, . application is invited to lodge such representations in writing with Harare, appeared Catherine Moyo in‘ her capacity as the natural
’ «the Registrar of Labour, at Compensation House;at the comer of motherand guardian of Ngaakudzwe Tendekai Moyo and changed
‘(Fourth Street and Central Avenue, Harare or post them to him at his name to Michael Ngaakudzwe Tendekai Madzimure.
" Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days of the publication of
. this notice. Dated at Harare this 6th day of August, 2008.—Thembinkosi
Anyone who does so should state whether or not she wishes to Magwaliba, c/o Magwaliba & Kwirira, legal practitioners, Third
appearat any accreditation proceedingsin support of such represen- For. CABS Building, comerFirst Street/George Silundika Avenue, -
Harare. 405300f
Registrar of Labour:
NOTICEis hereby given that, on the 21st day of July, 2008,
Mankaa Maseko(born on 29th July, 1965), appeared before me,
‘TAKE: notice that, on.the 15th of October, 2008, before me, James Magodora,a legalpractitioner and notary public, at Kwekwe,
.” *:Winnet Kanyerere,a legal practitioner and notary public, appeared and changed her nameto Priscilla Mapingire.
° °” Edward Harinangoniin his capacity asa father andlegal guardian of Dated at Kwekwethis 2 Istday ofJuly, 2008.—James Magodora,
vot -Elton Muyengwa Harinangoni (born on 16th November, 2000) and * clo Magodora & Partners, legal practitioners, P.O. Box 784,
“ElvisHarinangoni (bom on 8th July, 2005) and changed his children’s Kwekwe.- ~ ' * 405172F
_' “Snames, to Elton Tinashe Muyengwa and Elvis Tapiwanashe
2 “Muyengwa, so that, henceforth for all purposes and occassionsthey CHANGE OF NAME
:Shallbe knownbythe said names.
TAKEnotice that, on the 10th ‘October, 2008, George Ncube
“Datedat Harare this-15th of October, 2008.—Winnet Kanyere, (born on 4th June, 1959) appeared before me, Jonathan Joseph
_ -:e/orLegal ‘Aid Directorate, 111, Samora Machel Avenue/Fourth Moyo, a notary public, and changed his sumame to Georgeso that
“ - Street, Harare, 405725f he is now known as Douglas George. |
CHANGE OF NAME’ Dated at Bulawayo on this 10th day of October, 2008.—
Calderwood, Bryce Hendrie and Partners, P.O. Box 276, Bulawayo.
7 TAKEnotice that, on the 15th of October, 2008, before me, ‘ 40S744t
‘WinnetKanyerere a legalpractitioner and notary public, appeared
Edward Harinangoni (born oh 16th March, 1976) and changed .LOST DEED OF TRANSFER
_his.name to, Edward Muyengwa, so that, henceforth, for all
purposes andoccassionsheshall be knownby the name Edward NOTICE:is hereby given that weintend to apply fora certified copy .
Muyengwa. of Deed ofTransfer 8354/2006, dated 29th December, 2006, made in
Dated at Harare this 1 Sth day ofOctober, 2008.—Winnet Kanyere! favour of Levena Investments, whereby certain pieceoflandsituate
c/o Legal Aid Directorate, iit, Samora Machel Avenue/Fourth in the district of Salisbury called Stand 851 Borrowdale Brooke
Street, Harare. . 405724f Township, measuring | 210 square metres, was conveyed.