Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-12-21 number 67


(GOVERNMENT GAZETTE | Published by Authority

~. Vol. LXXXV, No. 67 Dist SEPTEMBER,2007 : Price $95 000,00
te mms
General Notice 214 of 2007. his name from Sabado Chimburu to Sabado David Lunga, which
, name shall be usedin all records, deeds, documents and transac-
PARLIAMENT OF ZIMBABWE ’ tions.—Sindiso Shepherd Mazibisa, notary public/legal practitioner,
Publication of Bill : c/o Cheda and Partners, Sixth Floor, LAPF House, Eighth Avenue/ ~~
JasonMoyoStreet, Bulawayo. « .322690f *
THE following Bill is published withthis Gazette for general
information— . CHANGE OF NAME
Engineering Council Bill, 2007 GiB.9 of 2007).
TAKE notice that, on the11th day of September,2007, before1me; -
A.M. ZVOMA, Samuel Deme,alegalpractitionerand notary public, appearedElastos =
21-9-2007. e Clerk of Parliament.,
Tarata (born on 25th ofMay, 1983).and changed his name to Elastas -
_ General Notice 215 of 2007. . Kutadza Makorose,sothat, henceforth, for all purposesand occasions|
“he shall be known by the name Elastos Kutadza Makorose.
STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD . Dated at Harare this 11th day of September, 2007:—Samuel
Deme,legal practitioner, c/o Legal Aid Directorate, 111, Samora *
Tenders Invited :
Machel, Avenue, Harare, °° 431939f ©
TENDERS mustbe enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
advertised tender number, description, closing date and mustbe postedin timeto be :
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway or delivered by hand to the
TAKE notice that, on the 16th day of August, 2007, before me, .
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor; Old Reserve Bank Building...
‘Edwin Hamunakwadi, a legal practitioner and notary pub os
Samora Machel Avenue, ‘Harare, before 10.0 a.m.on the closing date.
appeared Alois Mavima (born on 24th May, 1977) and changed his
S. MUTANHAURWA, -Summame to Gumeyi, so that, henceforth, for all purposes and
2-9-2007. _Acting Principal Officer, State Procurement Board. ‘occasions he shall be known as Alois Gumeyi.—Edwin -
‘Hamunakwandi, c/o Chihambakwe, Mutizwa & Company, 25,:
- Tenders are invited for the supply of materjald: tothe National George Silundika Avenue, Regal Star House, Harare. — - 431745f. ~°
Railways of Zimbabwe against the underlisted tender enquiries—
Tender number:
6543:4837. Panasonic TV and v,CR. “| NOTICEis hereby giventhat, by notarial deed executed before:
6525:4876.-. Window glass. me,Farirai Primrose Chishapira, a legal practitioner and notary
6583:4885. Printing of N.R.Z. calendarsfor the year 2008. public; at Gweru, on the 31st day of July, 2007, Praise Namatai - *-
6566:4890.. 7/8-tonne diesel truck. Adamu abandoned the name Praise Namatai Adamu and adopted. °-
_ Tender documentsforthe above tenders are obtainable from ‘the name Praise Namatai Fusire, so that, henceforth, she shall be:
the Manager, Supplies and Stores; National Railways of -_knownasPraise Namatai Fusire. r oy
Zimbabwe, Room 807, Africa House, corer Fife Street/ Dated at Gweru this 28th day ofAugust, 2007.—Farirai Primrose my
Tenth Avenue, Bulawayo.or Supplies Assistant (Distribu- Chishapira, c/o Danziger & Partners, Appearer’s legal practitioners, --
_tion), Harare Buying Office, corner Kenneth Kaunda/Fourth- Stand 159, CABSBuilding, Main Street, Gweru., . 322970f-
Street, Harare, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of
$100 000 ,00 for each tender document.Theclosing date ii s - CHANGE OF NAME
16th October, 2007.
NOTICEis hereby giventhat, on the 3rd day ofMay, 2007,Lucky <4
Tarakinyu (born on 27th May, 1982) appeared before me, Felix . -
CHANGEOF NAME | - Antonio, a legal practitioner and notary public, and the said appearer
“executed a deed of change of name and abandoned the name Lucky. _
TAKE notice that, on the 20th day of August, 2007, Sabado : Tarakinyu and assume in its place the name Lucky Tarakinyu -
Chimburu (born.on 10th July,1937) appeared before me, Sindiso Chikuni-Felix Antonio, c/o Antonio & Associates, P.O, Box 20G,
Shepherd Mazibisa and,by notarial deed offchange of name, changed Gawa, Kariba 431741f