Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-08-31 number 66

“Vol LXXXIV, No.66 rice$450,00:
GeneralNotice 243 of2006. . pees we
: a Airlink Freight:(Private)i mited
s Darknet’Investments '(Private) ‘Lim ec
“Tenders Tnvited| foal _* DédicatedFreight (Private) Limited’
se ‘Ecléopass Enterprises (Private) Limited .
Tenders must be enclosed ‘in sealed envelopes, endorsed0onthe outside with the: * Expresslink (Private) Limited
advertised tender number, description;. closing’daté and must be posted in time to be
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by handto the
* Groupair (Private) Limited
Principal Officer, State-Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve: Bank Building, S * Masiyanise Enterprises,tradingas Masiyanise Freight Forwarders
76, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare,before 1000a.mm. on theclosing:date, ae Thvéstinents Private) Limited, tradingas as:Vision
n Freight ,
_B.MeUSHEWOKUNZE,||~ : CXVICes: win Uae

29.9-2006. PrigcipalOfficer,‘State Procurement Board. “« Munworth Training;tradingaas ‘SeaCargo
* Satorial Investments (Private) Limited, trading& PeiSolutions -
Tender. number : * Three Sixty:Degrees (Private) Limited © “
* Whedel Shipping(Private) Limited
ZIMRA.36/2006. Tenders:are invited from established garment-
“8 Worldwide Commodity Brokers (Private) Limited
manufacturing organisations for the supply and delivery of:
° Zebra Freight (Private) Limited ~ “
men’s jerseys and trenchcoats for the Zimbabwe Revenue
Authority. Bidders should attach copies of Certificate of General Notice 245 of 2006.
Incorporation, CR 14and Tax Clearance Certificate (ITE263)..
Terider* documentsaré- available upon payment of a non-. | STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD
refundable cashdeposit of$10000,00fromThe Procurement J
. Tenders Invited

Specialist, Kurima’ House, "89, NelsonMandela Avenue,
between Third andfourth Streets, Hafare, ' : " Tenders must be enclosed in séaled’ envelopes, endorsed onthe outside with the _
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be postedin time to be’.
General Notice 244 of 2006. sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, ordelivered by handto the
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board,Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
76, Samora Machel Ave sue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closingdate.
Approved List of Suppliers 29-9-2006. PrincipalOfficer, State Procurement Board.
Tender number
NOTICEis hereby given,in terms of subsection (1) ofsection 25
7EDC:04/2006. Supply and delivery of 3 MVA 33 kV voltage
of the Procurement Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument171 of
regulators. Documentsforthe tender can beinspected andare ‘~
2002), that the companies listed in the Schedule are approved obtainable upon payment of a: non-refundable fee of
suppliers for the provisionofiimport and.aaafrom 15th $1 500,00 (revalued) orpayable by cash or bank chequeonly’
September, 2006to 31st August, 2007. for each set ofbidding documents from the ZEDC Procument
Anyother interested suppliers may applytoothe State Procurement Administrator, ZimbabweElectricity DistributionCompany,
Boardfor inclusion onthelist:. Electricity Centre, Offices 222 and 223, 25, Second Floor, ~
Samora Machel Avenue, Harare. The closing date is 31st
In terms ‘of subsection (3) of section 25 of the Procurement October, 2006. |
Regulations, 2002, the Board reserves the tight to add or remove
from the list any person whom the Board considers no longer “CHANGE OF NAME
"suitable to undertake Governmentcontracts,
NOTICE:is hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before .
This notice repeals General Notice 146 of 2005.
me, Martin Chasakara, a notary public, at Harare, on the 15th day
of September, 2006, John Musasa changed his ‘name to John
E, M. USHEWOKUNZE, Chaukura.—Martin Chasakara, notary public, c/o T. K. Hove Law
29-9-2006. Principal Officer, State Procurement Board. 203658f
Chambers, P.O. Box 66505, Kopje, Harare.