Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2007-07-27 number 51

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Vol. LXXXV, No. 51 27th JULY, 2007 Price $95 000,00

General Notice.169 of 2007. Sc h e d u l e

STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD 1. Baloon-Flight Trading (Private) Limited.
2. Barco Chemicals Corporation (Private) Limited.
Tenders Invited 3. Big Change Chemicals (Private) Limited. ' ,
4. Broonstad Medical (Private) Limited.
TENDERS must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be
5. Buffer Chemicals (Private) Limited.
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the 6. Chemgo Chemical Distributors (Private) Limited.
Principal Officer, Slate Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, 7. Chrisdavid Marketing (Private) Limited.
76, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the clo.sing date. 8. Colnat Medical Supplies (Private) Limited.
S. MUTANHAURWA. 9. Comfort Medical Suppliers (Private) Limited.
27-7-2007. Acting Principal Officer, State Procurement Board. 10. Confidence Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited.
11. Country Chemicals (Private) Limited.
Tender number 12. Cropchem Zimbabwe (Private) Limited.
CON.6/2007. Gokwe. Supply, delivery, installation and commis­ 13. Dominion Technologies (Private) Limited.
sioning of ventilation and air conditioning system for Gokwe 14. Firsthand Enterprises (Private) Limited.
North Hospital (Theatre). Ministry of Health and Child 15. Flexgen Investments (Private) Limited.
Welfare. Documents are collected from Ministry of Local 16. Hillmarton Trading (Private) Limited.
Government, Public Works and Urban Development, Room 17. Larryscope Investments (Private) Limited, trading as
071, Makombe Complex 3, comer LeopbldT^awira Street
Larryscope Health Care.
and Hebert Chitepo Avenue, Harare, upon payment of a non-
18. Losec Agencies (Private) Limited.
refundable deposit of $250 0()0at Room No. 1, Sixteenth Floor,
19. Makazin Investments (Private) Limited.
Mukwati Building, Livingstone Avenue, Harare. Closing date
is 21st August, 2007. 20. Makford Distributors (Private) Limited.
21. Maxim Marketing and Distributors (Private) Limited.
General Notice 170 of 2007. 22. Medaid Diagnostics (Private) Limited.
23. Mulbery Chemicals (Private) Limited.
PROCUREMENT ACT [CHAPTER 22:14] 24. Mycote Trading (Private) Limited.
25. Nofford Investments (Private) Limited.
Approved List of Suppliers
26. Online Medical Supplies (Private) Limited.
No t ic e is hereby given, in terms of section 25(1) of the 27. Opacperk Enterprises (Private) Limited.
Procurement Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument 171 of2002), 28. Otasevic Investments (Private) Limited.
that the companies listed in the Schedule are approved suppliers 29. Premier Laboratory Technologies (Private) Limited.
for the supply and delievery of medical and laboratory equipment, 30. Roller Coaster Marketing (Private) Limited.
reagents, chemicals and accessories from 1 st August, 2007 to 31 st 31. Rumhalt Trading (Private) Limited.
July, 2008. 32. Sanigale Investments (Private) Limited.
1 33. Santiago Pharmacies (Private) Limited^ trading as Santiago
Any other interested suppliers may apply to the State Procurement
7 Board for inclusion on the list. Pharmaceuticals.
i In terms of section 25(3) of the Procurement Regulations, 2002,
34. Segstcn Investments (Private) Limited.
I 35. Tolu Trading (Private) Limited.
aa .
the Board reserves the right to add or remove from the list any person
whom the Board considers no longer suitable to undertake Govern­
36. Total Quality Scientific Agencies (Private) Limited.
ment contracts. 37. Trosun Distributors (Private) Limited.
38. Typetop Invp.stments (Private) Limited.
This notice amends General Notice 222 of the 25 th August, 2006,
39. Venric Products (Private) Limited.
by the addition of the listed suppliers. ■ ' ,
7- 40. Westside Scientific (Private) Limited.
S;-M(j TANHAURWA. 41. Worldsurgy Enterprises (Private) Limited.
27-7-2007 Acting Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, 42. Zundine Trading (Private) Limited.