Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2006-12-29 number 84



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y ^ Vol. LXXXIV, No. 84 29th DECEMBER, 2006 Price $1 610,00
CHANGE OFNAME ' . - Dated at Harare this ISthday ofDecember,2006.—Peter Kawonde,
c/o Kawonde and Company, Sixth Floor, Pax House, 89, Kwame
notice is hereby given that, by notarial'deed executed before Nkrumah Avenue, Harare. . ; , ' ' 253558f
me,i3Jeward Chivaura, a legal practitioner and notary public, at
, Harare, onthe 13 th day of December, 2006, DunmoreFaraiCharowa CHANGE OF NAME
’ changed his name to Dunmpre Farai Mutasa, so that, henceforth, he
shall be known on all occasions by the nameDunmore Farai Mutasa,
which name shall be used in all deeds, documents, proceedings-and TAKE notice that, on the 14th day of February,. 2006, Bernard
, transactions whatsoever. Bama appeared before me, Masimba Munjanja, a legal practitioner
and notary public,' on behalf of her minor child and changed the
■ Dated at Gweru this I3th day of December, 2006.—Reward
minor’s name from Charline Amanda Mubayazvamba to Charline
^ Chivaura, legal practitioner/notaiy public, c/o_ Messrs Chivaura &
Amanda Bama.—Masimba Munjanja^ c/o Cheda & Partners, P.O.
Associates, legal practitioners, Eighth Floor, North Wing,, Michael
House, 62, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare.' Box 409, Bulawayo'. 253620f ■


TAKE notice that, on the 3rd day of November, 2006, before me, NOTICE is hereby- given that we intend to apply for a certified
Clement Kwirira, a legal practitioner and notary public, at Chiredzi, copy of a Certificate of Registered Title 5815/2006, passed in favour
appeared Onismo Joyoringo, and changed his name from Onismo of Milcox Investments (Private) Limited on the lOih of August,
2006, whereby certain piece of land situate in the distiict of Salisbury,
Jovoringo to Onismo Jovoringo Nhondova.
called Stand 2828 Glen Lome Township of Lot PA Nthaba, raeasur-,
Dated at Chiredzi this 3rd day of November, 2006.—Clement ing 1,504 2 hectares, was conveyed. ' '
Kwirira, c/o Matutu Kwirira & Associates, P.O. Box 478, Chiredzi. All persons havmg any objectionsJo,-or wishing to make any .
'________ _ , : ' ' ' . 253516f representations in connexion with, the issue of such copy, are hereby
required to lodge their objections or representations, in writing, with
CHANGEOFNAME ' the Deeds Registry, Hahare, within 14 days from the date of publi­
cation of this notice,.'; ■)
TAKE notice that, on the 10th day of November, 2006, before me, Dated at Harare this 20th day of December, 2006.—Thembinkosi
Langton Mhungu, a notary.public, appealed GraceTafadzwaMhungu Magiyaliba, c/o Hove and Associates, legal practitioners, Third
and changed her name'to Grace. Tafadzwa Masarira.—Langton Floor, Hungwo House,-69, Jason Moyo'Avenue, Harare. 253545f
Mhungu, c/o Matutu Kwirira & Associates, P.O. Box 92, Chipinge.

CHANGEOFNAME ^ NOTICE is hereby given that tlie under-mentioned certificates of
registration, issued in the name of Jeremiah Mhlanga, have been lost
TAKE notice that, on the 2^th August, 2006, before me, Herbert or.mislaid and that application will be made to the Mining Commis­
sioner, Harare, at the expiration of 30 days from the date of publication
.i" \j public, at Bulawayo, came'and personally appeared
j. Moses Jongwe, who declared that for diverse reasons he was of this notice, for the issue of duplicates thereof.
renouncing the name Moses Jongwe and instead thereof assumed the
name J ordan Moses Takaedzapasi, so that, henoeforth,-in all public
Registration number .
' 25316
> Nam e of block
Cut 136
documents, transactions and at all times he shall be known, as Jordan 29019 Cut 190
■ Moses Takaedzapasi. 29018 ' Cut 189
Dated at Bulawayo this 6th December, 2006.—Herbert Shenje,' Dated at Harare this :18th day of December, 2006,—Jeremiah
notary public, Bulawayo. 253572f Mhlanga, applicant. 2535 Ilf


. NOTICE IS hereby given that, by notarial deed executed before NOTICE i.s hereby given that I intend.to apply fora certified copy
me, Peter Kawonde, a legal practitioner and notary public, at Harare, of Deed of Transfer 4838/93, dated 26tlt October, 1993, made in
appeared Elias Zhuwao and changed his name to Elias Murinyu, favour of Chemist Siziba, whereby certain piece of land, measising