Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2006-12-08 number 79

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_Vol. LXXXLV, No. 79 8th DECEMBER,2006 _ Price $1 270,00"
General Notice 306 of 2006. Anyother interested suppliers may apply to the State Procurement
‘Boardfor inclusion on. the list.
In termsof section 25(3) of the Procurement Regulations, 2002,the
Board reservesthe right to add or remove fromthelist any person whom
Appointment of Members of the Compensation Committee
the Board considers no longer suitable to undertake Government
TT is hereby notified that the Ministry of ‘State for National contracts.
Security, Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement in the President’s This notice arnends General Notice 212 of the 11th of August,
Office, in termsof section 29A ofthe Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 2006, by the additionofthe listed suppliers.
20:10}, has appointed the following persons as members of the S. MUTANHAURWA,
Compensation Committee for a period of three years comunencing 8-12-2006. _ Acting Principal Officer
Ist November, 2006— for the State Procurement Board.
- 1. Mr. N. Masoka (Chairperson). SCHEDULE
2. Mrs. S.C, Tsvakwi,
AvakashIntemational (Private) Limited. - a
(Beer anayye

33. Mr. D. Mangota.
4 Mr. W.L. Manungo.
4. Independent Health Care (Private) Limited. ;
&. 8.8. Mlambo. od, * Industrial Chemical Importers (Private) Limited.
6. Mr. Z. Murungweni. ce oe _ Inoflex Medical Suppliers (Private) Limited.
4 M D Nominees No. 16 (Private) Limited.
. Dr. D. Sibanda.
88. Mr. S. Moyo. Natkon Trading (Private) Limited,
Pac Aid (Private) Limited.
9. Mr. L. Chimba.
Plus Five Health Care Services (Private) Limited.
Santiago Pharmacies (Private) Limited.
L1. Mr. M. T. Zharare,
SFA Zimbabwe(Private) Limited.
Alternate Members: .
Mr. M. Dzinoreva —~ as alternate to Mrs..S. C. Tsvakwi General Notice 308 of 2006. '
Mr. J. Gendo — as alternate to Dr. S. 8. Mlambo PROCUREMENT ACT (CHAPTER 22: 4
Mr. F. Ngorora — as alternate to Mr. W. L. Manungo
Mr. J. Mukaratirwa — as alternate to Mr. D. Mangota ApprovedList of Suppliers
Mr. C, Nedie —- as alternate to Mr. M. T. Zharare
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 25(1) of the
General Notice 325 of 2005 is repealed. Procurement Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument 171 of2002),
o Dp. N. E. MUTASA,
that the companieslisted in the Schedule are approved tenderers for
Minister of State for National Sccurity, Lands, Land the supply and delivery of computer spares and. computer
8- W2-2006, Reform and Resettlementin the President’ s Office. _ consumables from Ist November, 2006to 31st May, 2007,
. Any other interésted suppliers mayapply to theState Procurement
General Notice 307: of 2006. Board for inclusion on thelist.
PROCUREMENT ACT [CHAPTER22:14] In termsof section 25(3) ofthe Procurement Regulations, 2002,the
- Boardreserves the right to add orremovefrom thelist any person whom
the Board considers no longer suitable to undertake Government
Approved List of Suppliers
NOTICE ishereby given, in terms ofsection 25(1) ofthe Procure- This notice amends General Notice 183 of the 7th July, 2006,by
ment Regulations, 2002 (Statutory Instrument 171 of 2002), that the the addition ofthe listed suppliers.
companies listed in the Schedule are approved tenderersfor the