Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2006-06-13 number 31

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_Vol, LXXXIV, No: 31 12thMAY,2006. | “Piesone.-
GeneralNotie 112 of2006, BO Ss Tendernumber. : pe
: "GOVERNMENT GAZETTE | et ZIMPOST:01/2006. Supply of vehiclesunder lese finance for3
* years to Zimpost. Tender documents are obtainable.from .-
~ Publication of General Notice: Correctionof Ber. . : Zimpost offices,Office number9802, Ninth Floor, Causeway
'. Building, Central Avenue, Harare, upon payment of anon-.
’* refundable deposit feeof $800 000,00;‘Perset at‘Causeway L
Triis,. hereb hotified, fot public information, that the Table of'
- ‘Contents of e Zimbabwean. Government Gazette forthe. 12th.
Post Office, The closing gateis 13th June,2006. 2
: .’ April,2006, contained an errorbythe inclusionof “General Notice7 _ Genera Notice ns of 2006.
87 of 2006". That general notice wascancelled. S
_ Will subscribers5 Please,take note.of this.. aos STATEPROCUREMENT8
. H“MATINGWINA,. , “Tenders Tnvited ta
12-5,2006.” ay _Gazette Editor.
° “Tenders must be enclosed’ in sealed ‘envelopes,“épdorsed On
6 the outside with ihe :
: General Notice113°of 2006. advertised tender ntimbet, description,closing date and mustbe postedin time to be
STATEPROCUREMENT BOARD . ‘sorted into Post Office Box Number CY-408, Causeway or‘delivered by hand to:the -
« | + Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor,’Old Reserve Bank Building,
- : “Tenders Invited - cen * 76, Samora MachelAvenue,Harare, before 10,00 a.m.‘on the closing date,
‘Tinders must be encidsed in ‘sealed efivelopes, endorsed’on the. outside with:the 12+5.2006, | Pano Offiier, State Procurement Hoard, .
, advertised tender number, description, closingdate and mustbe posted in timeto be |
-. Tender number .
sorted into Post Office Box NumberCY 408,Causeway or delivered byharid to the’ |
” Principal Officer, StateProcurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old ReserveBank Building, Mpilo-SubCon Sec. 01/3006. Securityse
16,‘Samiora Machel Avena, Harare, before 10,00:a.m. on the closingdate. |Mpilo-Sub Con Gro. 02/2006. Groundsmaintenance.
-Mollo-Sub ConCleaning. 03/2006. Cleaning services.:
ta.s.aboe, ., Prcpal Office, State Procurement Board, Provision: of security services, © grounds maintenance and.-
Tender number cleaning services at Mpilo Central Hospital. ,
~ “Documents for Mpilo-Sub Cori Sec/Gro/Clean 01/62/03/ ;
-NSSA02/2006. Supplyand deliveryof3.xheavy duty photocopying ) + | 2006 can be inspected and areobtainablefrom the Central : -
machines, Bidders must be registered companiescontributing BuyingUnit, Third Floor,Mpilo Central Hospital, OldFalls. -
“to NSSA Pension Schemes and mustattach. last payment Road, Mzilikazi, Bulawayo, upon payment ofanon-refundable _
. receipt from NSSA: Bidders mustattach’ Tax earance opt
|. - .
‘Form. Tender documents mustbe obtained up: ymentof a deposit fee of $2 000-000,00,per set.of tender documents. -
anon-refundablefee of$1 000000,00fromNSSSA hasing ; Theclosing date for the abovetenderis 30thh May,2006..
, .” Office 13, SeverithFloor,NSSAHouse;between Sam Nujoma. :
oon Avenue, Harare. Theclosingadate is 13th June,’ General Notice 116 of 2006.”. me, : C,
So ACT (CHAPTER 14:04) ot
Sea Notice ii4 of 2006,‘
STATEPROCUREMENTBOARD . + Appntmen of Member: ‘Commercial andIndustrial Rent Board .
.. va mony Tenders
Tiis hereby notified that theMinister ofIndusiryand Taternational .
: " Tendlersmuit be.enclosed in sested envelopes, endcried on the outside with the Tradehas,in terms of section 3of theCommercial Premises (Lease’ °
. advertised tender number, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be ° - Control) Act [Chapter 14:04) appointed Mr. JamesTogo toreplace | _
sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway or delivered by hand to the Mr. V. gene‘AS B.member of the Combiercial.and.Sodustttal ‘
Principal Officer,StateProcurement Board, FifthFlocr, Qld Reserve BankBuilding, |- Rent Board. - : . :
16, Samora Machel Anne, Harare,before, 10.00a.ra,on the closingdate, « :
' BM, USHEWOKUNZE, | Me : cuexiiame
: isa. "PillOm,State ProcurémentBoard, |soils”
| ‘Seca fot Industryand International Trade. ,