Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2006-06-09 number 38

aunt G “

. - Published by Authority

.Vol: LXXXIV, No. 38 9th JUNE,2006- Price $195 000,00

General Notice 140of 2006. SCHEDULE _
- te Description of gold
‘ 7 oe TendersInvited The State v Hodza Hodza (S.M. 674448) _ 1,68 gm gold.-
: —_— ' ‘The State vy Alex Cheura (S.M. 674449) _ “+ 3,329 gm gold.
Tenders must be enclosed in. sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside The State v Tomay Masamba(S.M. 674450) 1,9 gm gold.
-with the advertised tender number, description, closing date and must | The State v Spencer Chirimuuta (S.M. 674451) 25,8 gm gold,
be posted in time to be sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway or |. The State v Mayor Nyamusha (S.M.674452) 9,267 gm gold.
delivered by hand to the Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old “The State v Tichano Mandizha (S.M. 674453) . 0,5 gm gold.
Reserve Bank Building, 76, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m.on the The State v Anyway Mataya (S.M.674454) 0,85 gm.gold.
closing date. ; . -
The State y Zviito Joe (S.M. 674455) 0,3 gm gold
, _ The State vy MaramaPingirani (S.M. 674456) - 0,011 gm gold
ot - -EM. USHEWOKUNZE, _ | The State v Clever Chivambo (S. M. 674457)" . 1,1 gmgold
9-6-2006. Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, -The State v Charles Maweto (S.M. 674458) 0,68 gm gold
Tr nde? be . . . The State y Givemore Mbewe(S.M. 674459) 4,6 gm gold
ender number The State v Mark Mundawarima(S.M. 674460) 7,79 gm gold
TSCZ.001/2006. Tendersare invited for the supply of.3
¢ PCS, 10 TheState» naialayyirsoan.°,60) 0.1246 ” aid
-. laptops and software to the Traffic SafetyCouncil ofZimbabwe. TheState v Mavis Chinota(S.M. 674463) “1,4 em gold
Tender documentsfor the above terider are obtainable from the state y Ganizo Amidu (S.M.674464) 0,99 gm gold
_the Finance and Administration Manager, Traffic Safety The State y Mavis Kalonga (S.M.674465) 1 gm gold
Council of Zimbabwe, Second Floor, Nialis Building, cnr..| The State v, William Tome(S.M. 674466) 16,8 gm gold

Robson Manyika Avenue/Julius Nyerere Way, Harare, upon oe aa v Fea 6 17557 em gold
aymentof a non-refunda ‘losin € State.v Laurat Sembe (S.M, » 3,04S gm gol
save i{ s 20th June, 2006. ble fee of$200000,00. The closing yyeit y,Cardwell Chiteka (SM. 674470) - 0,4878 em gold
The State v Antony Madira (S.M. 674471) 15,4382 gm gold
The State v Henry Matapira (S.M. 674472) . _ 12,34 gm gold
General Notice 141 of 2006. The State v Karimuyosafu (S.M. 674473) . gold concentrates
GOLD TRAD The Statevy Edwin Mapiravana (S.M. 674474) 1,5 gm gold
BACT. [CHAPTER 21:03] The State v Samuel Munetsiwa (S.M. 674475) 0,5 gm gold
The State v Unknown (S.M. 674476). 3 gm gold
‘Confiscated Gold The State v Unknown (S.M. 674477) ’ 3. gm gold
The State Unkn S.M. 674478) 0,3 Id
ITis hereby notified,iin terms of section 27 of the Gold Trade Act The State Unknown s .M,
M 14479) 3.5 em gold
5 gm ee
[Chapter 21:03], that the gold described in the Schedule which has’ Tye state» Unknown (S.M. 674480) 7 gmgold
been forteited to the State,is in possession of the Ministry of Mines TheState v. Adreeto Miguel (S.M. 674481) 3,3872gm gold
and Mining Development' L TheState v Remias Matembure (S.M. 674482) 1, point gold
_. Thegold may,byprior arrangement, be inspected by a person ae sae wn SM enaagey zon en
claiming a legalrightto the gold at the Ministry ofMines and Mining eee mhag Bm go
The State'v Unknown (S.M. 674485) - 0,4 gm gold
Development, Fifth Floor, Zimre Building, Kwame Nkrumah TheState v Unknown (S.M. 674486) gold-ore
aruue/Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, during the two months ‘TheState v Unknown (S.M. 674487)- /, pointgold
following the date of publication of this notice. TheState v. Bert Mupeyiwa (S.M. 674488) gold concentrates
_ Any person claiming a
2 legal right to any of this gold may apply The State v Noel Tshabalala (S.M. 674489) 0,30 g gold .
in writing within two monthsfrom the date of publication’ofthis | The State v Isaac Simon (SM. me 0,35 g gold
notice, to the Secretary for Mines and Mining Development,Private |, 2%*Staley Israel Musimango (S.-M. 674491) 9,33 gm gold
Bag 7709, Causeway, for delivery to hi f such gold. The State v Tichaona Mabwanda(S.M. 674492)" 3,96 gm gold
Y> Ty o Alm OF SUCK ZO The State v ‘Tawanda Marimbe (S.M. 674493) 1,9 gmgold
Ifno such personestablishes a legal right to any of this gold The State v Constance Chidzami (S.M.674494) 6,5 gm gold
within the afore-mentioned period, it may be disposed of by the The State v Lovemore Ngirazi (S.M. 674495) - 5,3 gm gold
Secretary for Mines and Mining Development. The State v King Ndlovu (S.M.674496) gold ore
: The State v Wilson Mutodzanise (S.M. 674501) 1,5 gmgold
T. NDLOVU, Emison Nyenge
9-6-2006. Secretary for Mines and Mining Development. The State v Samuel Munetsiwa (S.M. 674502) 4,49 gim gold