Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2006-05-26 number 35


Published by Authority

Vol. LXXXIV, No. 35. 26th MAY, 2006 Price $195 000,00

General Notice 129 of 2006. General Notice 131 of 2006. : . -

THE following Bill is published with this Gazette for general BANKING ACT [CHAPTER 24:20]
information— ; .

Interception of Communications Bill, 2006 (H.B. 4 of 2006). Approval of Merger of CFX Bank Limited and CFX Merchant
Bank Limited
26-5-2006. Clerk of Parliament.
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 25(6) of the Banking
Act {Chapter 24:20], the Minister ofFinance has,in terms of section,
General Notice 130 of 2006. 25(5) of the said Act, approved the merger ofCFX Bank Limited and
CFX Merchant Bank Limited. Thenameofthe merged entity is CFX

Tenders Invited H. MURERWA,
26-5-2006. - Minister of Finance.
Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
advertised tender number,description, closing date and must be posted in time to be . General Notice 132 of 2006.
Sorted into Post Office Box Number CY 408, Causeway or delivered by hand to the
Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building, LABOUR ACT (CHAPTER 28:01]
76, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before 10.00 a.m. on the closing date.

: E. M. USHEWOKUNZE, Notice of Accreditation Proceedings: Zimbabwe Funeral Service
26-5-2006. Principal Officer, State Procurement Board, : and Assurance Employers Association
Boe ipie aaety
~ changed the mili. /
IT is hereby notified that, in terms of section 42 of the Labour Act
ZOU/FT/01/06. Construction of Water and Sewerreticulation, [Chapter 28:01}, that accreditation proceedings are proposed to.be
roads and stormwaterdrainage and bulk earthworks. Tenders held for the purpose.of determining whether or. not Zimbabwe
are invited from regist£ted civil contractors in Category “A— Funeral Services and Assurance Employers Association should be
C” who are currently régistered with CIFOZBCA/ registered. The application for registration was notified by General
MLGPWUPfor the construction of water and sewer Notice 85 of 2006 in the Gazette of 7th April, 2006.
recticulation, roads and stormwater drainage and bulk
The accreditation proceedings will be held on the 29th June, 2006,
earthworks. A compulsory tendersite visit will be held on
at 10: 30 a.m. in the Boardroom on the Twelfth Floor of Compensa-
13th June, 2006, at 1400 hours. Tenders should bring their
tion House, at the corner of Fourth Street and Central ‘Avenue,
documents for signing ofthe certificate visit to site.
Tender.documentsand drawings may be inspected at the Any person who wishes to make representationgyin the matter
offices of the Project Manager, Zimbabwe Open University, should lodge them,in writing, with the Registrar of Labour,at the
Fourth Floor, CABS Building,cnr. First Street and George above address, or post them to him or her at Private Bag 7707,
-Silundika Avenue, Harare, where one set of documents with Causeway. Anyone who lodges or posts representations should
aduplicatebill ofquantities may be obtainable upon payment advise the Registrar whether, or not he or she will be attending the
of a non-refundable cash deposit fee of ZS2 000 000,00. accreditation proceedings.
Tenderfees are payable at Cash Office, Third Floor,Stanley
House, cornerFirst Street and Jason Moye Avenue, Harare. C.Z. VUSANI,
Theclosing date is 27th June, 2006.
26-5-2006. ___Registrar of Labour.