Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2005-12-02 number 25

Vol.LXXXIV,No. 25. Coe = ~ Price $120000,00
~ General Notice 38 of2006.. tice 90:of 2006;
Decision onthe Application for Cancellation ofPortion of. awin
en TendersInvited
.-General Plan No. CT 2670.0f Stands 22242296Glandina:,;a
“Township of
ofStand 2304Glaudina Township: Salis’Tors _ Tenders! mustibe enclosed in seilea’ envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
advertised tender’nimber, description, closing date and must be posted in time to be
sorted into Post Office Box NumberC¥ 408, Causeway. or’delivered by hand to the
Principal‘Offices,’State ProcurementBoard, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
dated the 2nd December, 2005, the: Minister,of 6, SamoraMachel ‘Avenué, Harare, before 10.00a.m:onthe closing date.
Land Reform and Resettlenient; in terms of section. 410) of ;
the. Land’ Survey ‘Act. {Chapter 20:12}, hereby gives, notice 442006, : | Principal Officer;State Procurement Board.
that he has: consented: io. the cancellation ‘Of: the -
"Tender number |
portion -of General, Plan “CT: 2670 defined -‘by the figure.
OF 1, “OF2,-.OF3,.OF4, -OFS, “OF6, OF7,OF8,:224TX, ZOUIETIO/2006.‘Supply ;and delivery of printing press.Tender
2241Y, .2247D; OF12, 22338, 2233C,OF13; OF1 ii nth district |. documentscanbeobtainedfrom the Procurement Department,
of Salisbury. oo ‘Zimbabwe OpenUniversity, First Floor, Bryanston House,
' No, 9, George Silundika Avenue, Harare, upon payment of
. anon-refundable'cashfee of$500 000,60, perset. Terider fee
_. ispayableatCashOffice,Third Floor, StanleyHouse,corner
14-4:2006. See _ Acting sueSo TO
. . First Street.and Jason’ Moyo: Avenue,‘Harare. The closing
General Notice 89 of 2006. ~ date is 16th May, 2006. .
"STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD* Se General Notice 91. of2006..

oea 2 “Tenders Invited STATE PROCUREMENT BOARD-

: Tenders inust be enclosediint‘sealed envelopes, “endorsédon» the- outside : a i Tenderslavited
with thé advertised teider- number, description, closing. date and: must. be
» Tenietsniust Bélenclosediin sealed énvelopes, endorsedon the outside with the
postedin- time td ‘be sorted into Post Office Box Nuinber CY, 408, Causeway or .
>advertised iender’number,description, closing date and,.nust Be posted in time to bé
delivered by-handto the Principal Officer,‘StateProcurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old
sortéd into PostOffice Box Number cy 408, Causeway or delivered by’handto the °
Reserve Bank Building, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, before: 10.00 a.m, off. the - Principal Officer,‘State Procurement’Board; Fifth Floor, OldReserve Bank Building, -
closing date. © 4 a ok . a
Samor |Machet Aveniie, Hares,before 10.‘00 am.onthe:‘closingdate, * .
.'* £,M, USHEWOKUNZE;’ te gs “oo E M. USHEWOKUNZE, ,
14-4.2006. * Principal Office, State Procurement Board Dy "Pinca
Ofeer, State Procurement Board.

/ Teender niember ,
Printflow: “3/2006. Supply, ‘delivery and installation of ED.tf _TeiOne9676.Supply,installation ande 1 conimissoninggofAir Units
. at Runhare House. Oh
” Capturing:software and,hardware.
TdOnes P Supplyand delivery ofDXR 200electroniccomponents. ;
Printflow:5/2006. Supply:and delivery’oof film piocessor machine: ob
imentsare obtairiable fromtheTelOne Buying Reception,
Tender documentsare Obtainable fromthe purchasingoffice om. 3N2,..ThirdFloor, Runhare House, 107,. Kwame
_ of Printflow (Private) Limited, George. Silundika*Avenue, a NkrumahAVenue, Hararé, upon payment of4non-refundable
_ comer EptoniStreet; Harare; uponpaymentof a‘nen-refiind- depositof$600000,00;Tenderdoctiméntsare sold between’
_ | able’depositof2$100000,00per:setofeachtenderdocumente ‘1 00 and:12'00, houts, ‘dailyMonday to Friday except on
mi ‘Closing dateiis,16th May, 2006. oe! , _ Publicholidays.“Theclosing datefiis 16th May, 2006,