Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2005-08-05 number 66

Vol: LXXXIII, No. 66
General Notice 343A of 2005.
S etMinistry‘ofLands,‘LandReforinahd.‘Resétile:
Vesting of Land,Taking of Materials - 146; Fourth Floor;‘Block:-H, Mblahlandle
and Exercise of Rights over Land Complex,Bulawayo; ae
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of paragraph (iii)eof subsection | (d) ‘Ministryof Lands; Land Reform: and.Resettlement, M & Ww 2
(1)of section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act [ Chapter 20: 10}, that. ae Beenece corner.
er Park/LinkStreets,,Chinhoyi sols
the President has acquired compulsorily the’land d stibed in the:. :
Schedule for resettlement purposes.


)x Ministry. ‘of Lands, La
oe nd ah
DESCRIPT.1ON OF LAND, « MdbtahondeBuilding,
1. Deed ofTransfer 1703/50, registered ii n thein
Munro,in respectof certain piéce of land:situa
ofGatooma, being Subdivision Portion ofIta
$ to objectt he proposed
P compelsony acquisition,‘may:lodgeth same,in writings withfe
hundred and two comma three six ninesix (20
Minister:“of State: for NationalSera
2. Deed of Transfer 749/95, registered ii n the ni
Farm (Private) Limited, in respect. of cért of 1
Situate inthedishiet ofLomagundi, béing EionK measuring.
six hundred andtwenty four comma four?zeroone;

3. Deed of Transfer 7111/83, registered in the e of-George “5-8:2005. 9 =
Leslie Kluckow,in respect of certain piece: nd situate in
the district of Salisbury, being Lot 1 of. Subdivision Aof
Charfield A, measuring one hundred andone comma oneseven
fourfive (101,174 5) hectares: Deed:ofTransfer 13817 1053
Ashley, Watkins, inr
General Notice 343B of 2005." ° ;
Preliminary Notice to Compulsorily AcquireLand . Deed of Transfer 4354/76 regis! erediinnthe name of Pamwe:°
_” CheteFarm (Private) Limited;in'respect of certain piece ~~
- NOTICBis hereby given, in termsof subsection (ecof section 5 of
_ Of land situate in the district of Sipolilo, being Yorba, ="
the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10},:thatthe President measuring onethousand nine’ hundredand: sthirty-five e a
intends to acquire compulsorily the land describedin the , comma seven seven zero: zero.a 935,770 0) hectares.
resettlement purposes.
. Deed of Transfer. 1391/61, régistered ii n the nameofMichael
A plan of the land is available ‘for inspection’ a é following Ee oe John Main Mason,in respéct ofcertain:pieceoflandsituate’
_ offices of the Ministry of State for. National Security, Lands, Land in the district of Hartley, being FarmNorwood,, Measuring © -
Reform and Resettlementin the President’s Office, between: 8am, * one.thousand one-hundred.andforty--three comma.ZET0two Soe,
and 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday other than on apublic holiday on f : six nine (1 143,026.9)‘Actes en
or before the 5th of September, 2005. a Wea Lem.wee fe ENIET: