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15th OCTOBER, 2004 Price $4 200,00
_,Vol. LXXXII, No. 84
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94 of 2004
■lf LABOUR ACT [CH4™2S;0;]

. ^ NoUce of Accreditation Proceedings: Telone Engineers ::.:|:'Sv:5ivig5:;C(MVkte):uiinited;::rg:|i^
ftv a„dT=ch„ida„_^.fZin.bubwe
.. ,;:'vv,V;;Limite4:;; ^ _ I
V;VV28 l/74#jv;St^i4'BxMUtof and V|;Vf532;^':
: , ,.: . V i - r\n Ti^lnnf* PnatTiP.prs and ;

■ , S55S?3sS."|JS=,
^ ' 2«M in the Government GtJZt'He of the 23rd of July. 2004.
Accreditation proceedings will be held on tlie 18th November, >■' ';;u;v-::;:vv:iF$y(ftfvate);tto
2004, atlb.30 a.m. in the BoardroomoirthcTwelfth Floor.Uompen- : 4oi87/4si;. ;■ 6ffshor4Accdunting;(Wvaie);gV': 5.;.,2Q
saUon House, at the comer of Fourth Street and Central Avenue,
•.V Any person who wishes to make any representations in relatioii^p General Notice 496 of 2004.
the application is invited to lodge such representations with the
1- ’ ’ ^ Renstrar oif taboiir at Gompehsation House, comer Fourth Street MINES AND MINERALS ACT [CHAPTER 21:05]
and Central Avenue. Harare, or post them to him at Private Bag; : —
7707, Causeway, withiaSO days of the publication of this notice, and Exclusive Prospecting Order No. 1660:
; to state whether or not he or she wishes to appear in support of such -Kadoma Mining District
V:4|R*' representations at any accreditation proceedings. ‘ ■ ' • 'V

THE fojlovving order is published in terms of subsection (2),of’
section 91 of the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 21:0i]:—
15-10-2004. Registrar of Labour- ;
“I AmosBemardMidzi.MinisterofMinesandMiningDevelop- ....
■;0ti General Notice 495 of 2004. meni, with the approval of the President, hereby, m terms of
subsection(l) of sectibii 91 of the Mines andMinefals Act [C/mpter
COMPANIES ACT [CHAPTER 24:03] 2i.05];make an exclusive prospecting order, m favour ol Zim.Mal
^Capital Investment (Private) Limited over the area desenb^here-;

I ;
Companies to be Stnick Off the Register "under; in the Kadoma mining district, in relaticm to mapre^^, ,
Cheeutu SF-36-9 ofthe Second Edition andpftheScale 1:250000, > , ;
rr is notified, in terms oTsectipn 320 of the Companies Act, produced by the Surveyor-General, subject to the following
[Chapter 24:03], that at the expiration of three months from the date : conditions—' 'E -y ''"'j./'-V;', 'W'-;
of publication of this hotic&, the names of the companies set out m, ;. (a): the order is made in respect of gold, copper, silver, platinum ,
theSchedule,^iU..tmIesscause is shown tothecontrary, be struck off
V ; ^ V and nickel;
the register and the said companies will be dissolved. (b) the concession holder shall carryout prospecting oper^ions;;;,
in a manner satisfactory to the Minister of Mines and Mimng
: A.T.CHAKO, Development and shall comply with the terms of the Mines
15-10-2004. Registrar of Companies. and .Minerals Act [Ompier 21:05\\
SCHEDta,E: ■
(c) all pits and trenches dug during prospecting operations must
be backfilled and levelled; and.
Capital Date of (d) the unnecessary destruction of vegetation must be dis-
S ' registration couraged.
Number .. Name of company
ZimMal Capital-Investment (Private) Limited is authonzed, in
20000 2.1.51 terms of subsection (5) of section 93 of the Mines and Mmer^
1/51 N.LI. Zimbabwe (Private) ;
[Chapter 21:05], to prospect on all registwed l^e.^ral bj^- ^ g
... Limited ,
which were not being worked or developed on the 1 Sth^une,
542/55 N-E.I. Thomas & Taylor 2000 7.9.55
being thedate'ofthe lodging of this order., :
(Zimbabwe) (Private) Limited