Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-09-24 number 79

eed of Transfer4801/89,
top iN registered in the name of.Turnet eJoan
intoAne in respect¢of certain piéce'o
piece. of
thedistrict of Salisbury;being Remaining. Extet of Carrick:
‘land: ituate in the’‘district ofSa isbury, being:Remainder.9)
Creagh: ofSection,4 of: orrowdale,Estate,
Mount Hampdenn measuring three.hundred and ftve comma “
hundred. and ‘eighty four: comma. eight four nine: two
: (284,849 2) hectares
“Deed of Transfer: 1289/91. registeredmvith ‘name of Mount
5 “Mashonaland HoldingsLimited, etersoeame of| ans
land ‘situaté in; the district, of; Goromonzi,’“being Acorn: } Hampden Investments (Private) Limited, inrespectof:certain. 208.
as Estates;measuring: fifty-seven: comma’ one. two:four.four -piece of’: land“situate “in, the district. of: Salisbury, ‘being.
(57,1244)hectares. Remainderof Haydon; measuring Sever‘hundred and’ forty:
© four comma five five six.seven’ (744,556.Dahectares.
Se Deed of. Transfer 4035/86, revisteredinnthe nameSof Crest
Be - BréedersInternational (Private) Limited, inrespectof certain * Deed of Transfer’ 5428/2001, registered|in+ the name of
“ypiece. of, Jand situate inthe .district“of. Salisbury, being Sensene Investments (Private) Limited, in respect ofcertain
_ Remaining Extent ofCerney Townshipof Saturday,Retreat, piece of landsituate in the district of Salisbury, being The:
ol “measuring forty-sisix-commiatwo three three two M8.233
32) “Remainderof Stoneridge; measuringfive hundred and eighty-.
+. hectares. Six comma seven one four nine (586,m4 9) hectares.

6. os Deed of:Transfer 4035/86,“registered ii nthe nameof Crest 1S Deed of Transfer 5022/82 “registered iin the name of Basil
- Breeders International (Private) Limited, inrespect of certain — Jack Rowlands, in respect of certain piece of landsituate
pieceofland situate in the district of Salisbury, being Lot-2 inthe districtof Salisbury, being Subdivision 14 of Welston,
of Saturday Retreat: measuring twentv-two comma zero measuring forty comma five eight six six (40.586 6)