Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-09-24 number 78

Harare‘CityCouneil‘area’.Beatrice;.Featherstone, ‘Chivbu,
Myuma, Fairfieldin. the.Chiumanzu:Rural District Council:
area and Masvin1g

Botswana Boarder and1 Balawayo-Vicors Falls : Terminating:
. “Atthe intersection of theHatare-Masvingo road and Mutare-
THE Minister lof Transport and: Communications;in ‘terms. of: Masvingo road at‘the. 292i3-kilometre Pes... yo
* ection57 of the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18}, herebydeclaresstrips) on

“of land withinseventy metres from theroad centreline, and on either - ‘ Reference ors - Be ae Bo yt
- ‘side of the‘roads described. héreunder’and’ shown on Plans 1164; “ :Hatare-Mount LBatwin road (Routeu 1
“1165;: 1166; 1167; 1168; 11169; 1170; U71, 1172 and:1173 to be:
arestricted roads: . CommencingQ:
Plans 1164: 1165: 1166; 1167; 1168; 1169; 1170: 1171: 17%and Atthe intersection of the LomigundiRoad and Sam Nujoma
1173 may be inspected free of chargeatthe offices of the Secretary Street Extension within the Harare City Council area.) .
*: for Transport and Communications, Office 68, Fifteenth Floor,
_ Kaguvi Building, corner Fourth Street and Central Avenue, Harare. .
7 Passing through
Mazowe Rural. District Council‘area,-Glendale, Bindura
_ Description of roads Rural District area and Bindura town. ‘
1. Reference
Harare-Gweru road (Route 905).
In Bindura town at the 90- kilometre peg.
At the traffic circle on the 16,8-kilometre peg along the - Reference
Harare-Gwernroad within the Harare City Council area. Harare—Chirundu road ((Route 901):