Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-09-10 number 74

ns: ge the. in
ith”‘the:MinisterolShe i Affairs: in:the Offige.of. the
sponsible‘for. Lands, Land: form and

for Lands,"Land Reform: and: = the Lith October 200
: President'sS Offic sevens
M.-Made;_M.P.;es ther

Honourable I. LE Nkomo, MP. Ministerof Special‘Affairsin,‘the Office ofthe*
~, President. and Cabinet responsible. for:‘Lands
M-J. M. SIBANDA, : | 10-9-2004. oe
ChiefSecretaryto the President andCabinet.”
Scriévtite Se
“General Notice ‘4558 of:2008. . DESCRIPTION OF LAND .
n Deed of Transfer7480/97, registerediin thennameeof Stokesay
ACT [caren 20: 1ol -*
/ Farm (Private):‘Limited, in respect of certain piece of land
- situate, in.the district of Hartley, being Lot1 of Umfulia;~* .
“PreliminaryNateto Compulsory Acquire Land coe] . measuring sever-hundredandthirteen comma eiight nine nine:
eight (713,899 8) hectares. ,

“NOTICEis hereby given, in terms of subsection 3) of section 5 Deedof Transfer 7480/97, repisterediinthe name of Stokesay
of the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10}, that the President Farm (Private) Limited, in respect of certain piece of land
_intends to’acquire compulsorily the land describedjin the Schedule situatein the district of Hartley, being Remainderof Dorothy
for resettlementpurposes. “Hill, measuring three hundred and thirty--eight comma two
six two one (338,262 1)hectares. ' :
A plan ofthe. land is available for inspection at the following.
offices of the-Ministry of Special Affairs in the Office of the 3. Deed of Transfer 7480/97, registered in the name of Stokesay
Presidént and Cabinet responsible for Lands, Land Reform and Farm (Private) Limited, in respect of certain piece of land -
Resettlement between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Mondayto Friday. situate in the district of Hartley, being Stokesay of Oxford, -
other.than on a public holiday.on or before the 11th October, measuring eighty comma ninethree“eight one: 80,938 1:
‘bantarac £E