Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-08-27 number 70

Educationtothe Honourable J.G Moyo,M.P., fromthe 14th*
2004;during th absence, on officialbusiness; of the.
‘Honourable.H M Murerwa,,
BS ITs hereby notified,in terms of section 33: of the:Labour ‘Act
[Chapter 28:01),:that. an application has-been‘réceived :for’the
registration of. the Conii iercial-‘Managerial‘Employees:Union oO
“Zimbabwe.as a trade unionto representthe interests, of employees
specified in ‘the Schedule. .
Any interested person.who wishestto make any: répré entations:
_ Felatingtothe:applicationis invited to lodge suchrepresentations,in|
writing,-‘withthe Registrarof Labour,Private Bag 7707, Causeway,
~ : mo within 30 days ofthe publication ofthisnotice, aid state whether or.
~ Gv), allthe furictions fthe Mir ofHealth.and Child Welfire nothe 0
or she wishesto appearin support ofsuch Tepresentations at
.. to the Honourablée’S. T.Sekeramayi,’M-P., fromthe 12th any accreditation proceedings: foe tee
August,2004; duririgthe absencé, onofficial business, ofthe |). No eget CZ. VUSANI,7 .
Honourable D. P:‘Parirenyatwa,MP.; oe a “7-8-2004. ere Registrar ofLabour. ou