Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-08-20 number 69

pect Pp.
‘Beitbridge, being Remainder
LesanthRanch, measuringtthirty-four thousandfive hundred”
commiafive-ninehine’threé (34 525,599 3)”

cértain: piece-‘ofland
“situateiinthe’ district:of.Beitbridge, being Lot 10 of Jopempi: “Deed0
of. Transfei 3897/85,“registered
Block, measuring eight. thousandninehundred’and seven- Farms (Private) Limited;in respect of certain piece of land
teen commaninesix nine: nine (8 917,969 9)he
hectares. Case : situatein the district. of Darwin,being:‘Remainder of Nteto_
: ‘Park, measuring seven: hundred and:nineteen comma pine

Deed of.Transfer 2430/91, registered ii nthe:name of Swans
§ :
» Estate (Private) Limited,in tespectof.certainpiece.of land - ‘Deed of. Transfer 308/66;repistered ii n the |name of James.
situate-in thedistrict of Beitbridge, being‘Remaining Extent .» Redmond and Catherine Mary |Redmond; in respect«of cer-
: of Swanscoe: Estate, measuring: one thousand six hundred| "tain Piece.oflandsituate in: the. district:of Gwelo,.bei