Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 2004-08-13 number 64

Mo apale thon2i at.Bulawayo; personally = came’. an
appeared: Jerifanos. Jokonya:(born‘on 7th:October,:1953). in’his
capacity as-the father and’ legal guardian of: Godfrey’ Takunda
canbe inspected and are obiainable upon paymentofanol ” Mazorodze’‘(born-on 15thAugust, 1982) and changed hisminor:
. refundable. fee: of Z$300. 000,00, foreach’ set of bidding’ child’s name from Godfrey Takunda Mazorodzeto Godfrey:Takunda:.
Jokonya;which nameshall beusedin all the documents,records and ©
-documents from, the Projects’ Proctirenient Administrator,:
otherwritings, as well as in dealings andtransactions of whatsoever: :
ZESAEnterprises, Projects Business Unit,Offie 605; Sixth . ‘ nature.—Thandaza Moyo,legal practitioner, Suite 405; Fourth-
Floor, Megawatt House (P.O. Box HR 8726),Harare. Clos: Floor, Price Waterhouse Buildin g,55,Jason MoyoSweet: Bulawayo.
ing date is14th September, 2004. cA a 4OENENE -