Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1997-02-07 number 9

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Vol. LXXV, No. 9 7th FEBRUARY, 1997 Price $3,00

I G eneral N otice 61 of 1997. Registered
Number Name Objects
A C T [CHAPTER 17:05] w o 7/94 Sight Savers Prevention and alleviation of
suffering from avoidable blindness
Private O rganizations (R egistration) N otice, 1997 and visual im pairm ent through
support of program m es in eye care
IT is hereby notified, in term s of subsection (7) of section 9 of the education and reh^ilitation.
Private V oluntary O rganizations A ct [Chapter 17:05], that the W O 8/94 The R ichm ond Fellow ship (1) T o provide support and
private voluntary organizations specified in the Schedule have been of Zim babwe rehabilitation to persons
registered in respect of the objects set out opposite their respective -suffering from m ental illness
nam es. , through developm entof day care,
' residential and other com m unity
S. T. W . M H IRIB IDI, b as^ resources.
7-2-97. R egistrar of Private V oluntary O rganizations.
(2) T o offer training in m ental health
after care and dissem inate
Sc h e d u l e
inform ation in the furtherance of
these objects.
Number Name Objects W O 9/94 H arare Street C hildren (1) T o facilitate other organisations
O rganisation interested in the care of children.
W O 1/94 M other of Peace To establish a sim ple fam ily hom e in
(2) T o provide tem porary shelter.
order to provide A ids pati^ts w idi
prayer, love and care in a fam ily (3) T o re-unite the children w ith their
atm osphere. . parents or relatives.

A sscxriation of Friends W O 10/94 Prison Fellow ship (1) To visit and counsel prisoners.
W O 2/94 To raise funds and support for the
of the C atholic establishm ent of a C atholic Zim babwe
(2) T o foster good m oral behavioural
U niversity of Zim babw e U niversity in Zim babw e and then to
pass on such funds to the C atholic values in prison.

U niversity T rust (3) To facilitateco-operahO Tbetw een
Prison A uthorities, the Police and
W O 3/94 K hayelihle C hildren's T o provide a stable and secure lK)m e
i V illage for orphaned, destitute and deprived,
children w ithout regard to dieir (4) To educate and teach spiritual
sociological or religious background. values to prisoners.

4/94 K ulim a M bobom i (1) To provide training to local W O 11/94 C aring (1) T o offer support, tem porary and
Training C entre farm ers in all aspects of perm anent accom m odation, food
agricultural developm ents. and ablution.

(2) T o facilitate farm ers' access to (2) To offer advice and counselling
farm im plem ents in an effort to services.
help farm ers acquire draft pow er. (3) To facilitate rehabilitation
services to destitute persons so
W O 5/94 Sm babw e A ids N etw ork To co-ordinate inform ation sharing
that they can acquire skills to
am ong A IDS service organizations in
enable them to occupy them selves
Zim babwe.
and generate incom e forthe hom e.
W O 6/94 H agar G irls N etw ork (1) T o provide shelter, food and
W O 13/94 Inter C ountry People’s T o undertake training and
clothing to abandoned,
A id developm ent projects in partnership
unem ployed, im pregnated
w ith and for disadvantaged
young girls.
m arginalised people in the rural and
(2) T o equip the girls w ith practical urban areas and in the refuge cam ps.
skills for self sustenance.
W O 14/94 Sally M ugabe (1) T o establish scholarships and
(3) T o counsel and teach the girls the Foundation aw ards in m em ory of Sally
love of G od for a better and M ugabe.
w orthw hile future.
(2) T o give or provide scholarships
(4) T o re-unite the girls w ith their and grants to deserving students