Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-08-02 number 45

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Vol. LXXIV, No. 45 2nd AUGUST, 1996 Price $3,00

General Notice 398 of 1996. Tender
CON.12/96. Tenders are invited from registered mechanical
contractors for the supply, delivery, installation and commis­
Tenders Invited sioning of kitchen equipment and fittings at provincial hospital
kitchen. Category “C”. Closing date, 22.8.96.
All tenders must be submitted to die Secretaiy, Government Tender Board, P.O. Box
CY 408, Causeway. CON. 13/96. Supply, delive^, installation and commissioning of
kitchen hood at provincial hospital, Category “F’. Closing
Tenders must in no circumstances be submitted to departments.
date, 22.8.96.
Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside with the
Documents for tenders CON.12/96 and CON. 13/96 are
advertised tender number, description, closing date and miist be posted in time to be collected from the M inistry of Public Construction and
sorted into Post Office Box CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by hand to the Secretary, National Housing, M akombe Complex 3, Leopold Takawira
Government Tender Board, Fourth Floor, Atlas House, 62, Robert M ugabe Road, Street/HerbetChitepo Avenue, Harare. A $100 non-refund-
Harare, before 10 a.m. on the closing date notified. able fee must be paid at the Accounts Section for each set of
' Offers submitted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the name of the tenderer, the tender documents.
service and the amount must be dispatched in time for delivery by the Post Office to the P & S.7/96. Supply and delivery of motor-vehicles and motorbikes.
Secretary, Government Tender Board, by 10 a.m. on the closing date and the confirma­ Closingdate, 15.8.96.
tion tender posted not later than the closing time and date. The telegraphic address is
P & S.8/96. Supply, delivery and installation of closed circuit
“Tenders. Harare”. television to the Department of Printing and Stationery.
Note.— Tenders which are not received by 10 a.m. on the closing date, whether by hand, Closingdate, 15.8.96. ■ '
by post or by telegraph, will be treated as late tenders. Documents for tenders P & S.7/96 and P & S.8/96 are
If a deposit is required for tender documents, it will be refunded on receipt of a bona obtainable from the Controller, Department of Printing and
tender or if the tender documents are returned complete and unmarked before the Stationery, George Silundika Avenue/Epton Street, P.O.
closing dale. Box CY 341, Causeway. \

I For supply contracts, the country of manufacture must be stated. W hen tenders are
compared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods manufac­
tured in Zimbabwe.
PTC.9165. Supply and delivery of galvanised iron wire. Non-
refundable deposit $500 per set of documents. Closing date,
22.8.96. Documents for tender PTC.9165 are obtainable
from the Secretary, PTC Purchasing Committee, Room S18,

No tender can be withdrawn or amended during a period of 30 days (oranother period Tenth Floor, South W ing, Runhare House, 107, Union
specified in tender documents) from the stated closing date. Avenue, Harare, or by writing to the Secretary PTC Purchas­
The Government does not bind itself to accept *he lowest or any tender, arid reserves ing Committee, P.O. Box CY 331, Causeway.
the right to select any tender in whole or in part RDS. 10/96. Supply and delivery of bitumen, tar and tar prime to all
Tenders which are properly addressed to the Government Tender B o^ in envelopes provincial areas for period 1st July, 1996to 30th June, 1997.
Closing date, 22.8.96. Documents are obtainable from the
with the advertised tender-number and descripuon endorsed on the outside are not
Secretary for Transport and Energy, Room 62, Seventeenth
opened until 10 a.m. on the closing date.
Floor, Kaguvi Building, Harare, upon payment of $100
M embers of the public may attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Hoor, Atlas deposit (non-refundable).
House, 62, Robert M ugabe Road, Harare, from 10 a.m. onwards on the date specified.
DEF/18/96. Repair and maintenance of gas refrigerators and freezers
to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces countrywide for aperiod of
Secretary, one year. Closing date, .22.8.96. Further details are obtain­
2 - 8 -% . Government Tender Board. able from the Director, Directorate of Purchasing, Army
Headquarters, Private Bag 7720, Causeway, Harare, upon
Tender payment of a non-refundable deposit fee of $500. Telephone:
number 731827 Ext. 2063,2076 and 2161.
6558:3478. Calibration machine injector. Closing date, 22.8.96. ZESA.43/96. Installation of fibre optical and accessories. Non-
t refundable deposit, Z$2 000 or US$200,00. Closing date,
6670:0582. Degreaser-general magnisol 728. Closingdate, 22.8.96.
22.8.96. > ■
6573:3525. Oil axle 220 (C.P. 160). Closing date, 22.8.96.
ZESA.44/96. Tenders are invited for the supply of fibre optic
6546:3522. Stationery compressor. Closing date, 29.8.96. multiplexers ancillary equipment and services. Non-refund­
able deposit. Z$2000,00or US$200,00. Closingdate, 22.8.96.
Documents for tenders 6558:3478 to 6546:3522 are obtain­
able from The M anager, Supplies and Stores, National ZESA.47/96. Annual contract for . tion of cable trenches and
Railways of Zimbabwe, P.O. Box 1999, Bulawayo. Tele­ , ancillarv works. Non-refundal deposit, Z$200. Closing
phone: (19) 363241. ' date, 22'.8.96.